10 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on in 2022

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10 Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on in 2022

With so many cryptocurrencies out there, it can be difficult to keep track of them all. Some may only exist on paper or in the minds of their creators and never amount to anything, while others may achieve widespread use and adoption that permanently alters the way we live our lives. 

 If you’re interested in investing in cryptocurrencies, which you should be if you want to get into this fast-growing market, then it’s important to keep an eye on what’s happening in the space and how various coins are doing. In this article, we outline 10 cryptos that you should keep an eye on over the next few years, including both some big names and some new, lesser-known ones. We also give them star ratings and provide relevant links so that you can do your own research and become an expert on these projects as well.

With thousands of cryptocurrencies out there, it can be tough to keep track of the ones that have the best chances of rising to prominence in the future. In this article, we’ll take a look at 10 different coins that could see significant increases in value by 2022, based on factors like their current market cap, the size of their user base, and industry partnerships.  Here are 10 cryptocurrencies worth watching in 2022 and beyond.

Cryptocurrencies to Keep an Eye on in 2022

  1. Bitcoin
  2.  Etherium
  3.  Ripple
  4. Litecoin
  5. Stellar Lumens
  6. Cardano
  7. IOTA
  8. Dash
  9. Monero
  10. NEM


The most famous cryptocurrency is also one of its oldest. Created in 2009, Bitcoin’s decentralized design has made it impossible for authorities to shut down and a leading force within cryptocurrency. Despite its age, Bitcoin is still experiencing growing pains; as adoption grows, transaction fees have skyrocketed and users experience slower-than-desired processing times.


Ethereum is a very promising blockchain-based platform for creating and deploying decentralized applications. Ethereum uses its own cryptocurrency, called Ether, which is currently the second most valuable digital currency after Bitcoin. While Ether is volatile due to increased speculation (and thus many people are waiting for it to collapse), it’s still likely that it will be around $700 or higher by 2022. Its scalability and developer community make it a strong contender, though there are other contenders that also appear promising such as NEO and EOS.


Unlike most cryptocurrencies, which employ a Proof of Work consensus algorithm, Ripple (XRP) uses a unique method known as agreement by design. With agreement by design, transactions are validated by consensus among members of its own unique currency system. In other words, it utilizes a type of centralized validation for transaction processing. This allows for transactions to complete much faster and at a lower cost than with traditional cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Ethereum.


While often described as Bitcoin’s little brother, Litecoin has come into its own in recent years. It has a transaction speed that outpaces Bitcoin’s by about 2.5 minutes—4 times faster than BTC—and offers a similar decentralized nature. With Charlie Lee (the creator of Litecoin) recently stepping away from his role at Coinbase, it will be interesting to see what happens with Litecoin going forward.

Stellar Lumens

Stellar is a platform that connects banks, payments systems, and people. Integrate to move money quickly, reliably, and at almost no cost. Its protocol has been battle-tested for several years by several major players. It has repeatedly proven its ability to scale and support transactions quickly. It is developing new features as we speak. And it’s a non-profit—not owned by any single corporation or government. Watch out for Stellar over the next five years!


Cardano’s vision is similar to Ethereum’s, but its technology is built from scratch. It relies heavily on its Ouroboros proof-of-stake algorithm, which eliminates mining competition and gives Cardano more environmental friendliness compared with other cryptocurrencies. Cardano also has a treasury that gives it plenty of funding for future development, and it has some high-profile investors. It could well be one of 2019’s best-performing altcoins.


This cryptocurrency is unique because it is entirely blocked and transactions are cost-free. This means that, unlike other cryptos, there are no miners or fees for a transaction to take place. As such, transactions can occur faster and fees are significantly reduced.


Although Dash has fallen a long way from its December 2017 highs, it’s one of few coins that remains well-positioned for further growth. With low fees and fast transaction times, Dash is built around consumer privacy and instantaneous transfers. Like Bitcoin, it uses a proof-of-work algorithm, but also provides optional privacy features for users with improved computing power. This level of flexibility might just help Dash fulfill its promise as digital cash for mainstream adoption.


Launched back in 2014, Monero is a private, secure and untraceable coin. While many cryptocurrencies are forks of Bitcoin and others (Ethereum, Litecoin), Monero takes its roots from CryptoNote – a protocol that was originally meant to help create completely anonymous payment systems. Monero accomplishes exactly that by hiding user data such as transaction amounts and receiver information through stealth addresses.


NEM is a public blockchain platform with a built-in smart contract system that uses Proof of Importance, which determines account importance by how much NEM that account has vested. This means accounts holding more coins have a greater say and can even unlock specific features on its chain. As of July 2018, XEM is ranked 7th among cryptocurrencies with a market cap of $1.6 billion.

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