10 health benefits of cinnamon

10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon and how to use it

Cinnamon is a herbal seasoning that has the possibility to heal disease just by adding it to your meal or any other items, and with these 10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon and how to use it, results are certain.

A 100g serving of  Cinnamons provides:
36 kcals    1.7g protein    0.1g fat      7.6g carbs 2.5g fiber 

The Benefit of Cinnamon will shock you as  it  has been in usage for  1,0000 years by our grand father’s with  cinnamon toast crunch as their mean food recipe

Today I will reveal the  10 Health Benefits of Cinnamon to you, with these 10 cinnamon health benefits you can cure a lot of diseases without going to the hospital just as you can cure a lot of illnesses with beet impressive health benefit recipe.

Cinnamon is used by so many around the universe for health purpose?

10 health benefits of cinnamon and how to use it


Because this herbal spice cinnamon has health benefits, not to mention its sweet and spicy taste that is so used in a wide variety of recipes.

  • In today’s learning, I am going to be pointing out 10 reasons for you to include cinnamon rolls in your diet.


  • What are the benefits of cinnamon?

Cinnamon has a whole lot of benefits when it comes to herbal spices, cinnamon roll recipe 
Is one of the Cinnamon recipes with a lot of benefits and health benefits.

  • Can you eat too much cinnamon?
Yes, one can eat cinnamon  , anytime and day
  • How much cinnamon should you eat a day?

As much as you can, there are limits to the dose

  • Can cinnamon kill you?

NO, it can not, cinnamon is not harmful to health.

10 health benefits of cinnamon and how to use it

I know I answer some of the few questions, please if you have questions to ask feel free to leave a comment on the comment session below, I will be gladly happy to respond.

1. Benefits of Cinnamon

In Fighting  Diabetes Cinnamon has great benefits for diabetics as it helps lower blood sugar levels and improves the body’s sensitivity to insulin.

A hormone that is essential for keeping sugar levels stable, and the cinnamon powder benefits will shock you !!! try one and thank me later

2. Benefits of Cinnamon

Source of Antioxidants Cinnamon is considered to be the spice with the highest concentration of antioxidants.

Because of this, it is able to reduce the damage caused by free radicals in addition to slowing down aging.

3. Benefits of Cinnamon 

it  Protects the Brain Cinnamon is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, both of which reduce the effects of aging on the body and brain.

  • According to research, the antioxidant properties of cinnamon help protect the brain from neurological problems, such as Parkinson’s and  alzheimer’s.

4. Benefits of Cinnamon 

It Protects against Cancer, Cinnamon has a compound called cinnamaldehyde, which, according to studies, has the ability to inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors in addition to protecting DNA from damage.

  • It also promotes apoptosis (self-destruction of cancer cells).

5:  Benefits of Cinnamon

 Anti-inflammatory properties antioxidants have anti-inflammatory properties which can help prevent heart disease, neurological diseases, and even cancer.

6:  Benefits of Cinnamon

It Protects the Heart and with the help of  Cinnamon Among the biggest villains that cause heart disease, we can cite high cholesterol, high levels of triglycerides, and high blood pressure.

  • Studies have shown that cinnamon water has the ability to reduce the levels of these three risk factors

7: Cinnamon Protects your teeth 

Cinnamon, in the form of an extract, has proven very effective in protecting against bacteria that inhabit our mouth and that cause cavities, bad breath, and even tooth loss cinnamon for weight loss is also one means to get rid of excesses fat

The benefits of Cinnamon essential oil have been shown to be even more effective and can be used as a mouthwash.

8: Benefits of Cinnamon 

It Combats Viruses and Infections, Cinnamon has been used by many cultures in the world to fight infections, due to its anti-microbial, antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties. 

Cinnamon side effects have not to be recorded in most cases of treatment  Its ability to strengthen the immune system is so great, that some studies indicate that it may be able to reduce the risk of contracting the HIV virus.

9: Benefits of Cinnamon 

It Protects the skin and with the help of cinnamon benefits the skin benefits of cinnamon and honey or by  Applying “cinnamon essential oil” to the skin is great for protecting it from irritations, allergic reactions, skin rashes, and infections.

  • It is able to reduce inflammation, swelling, pain, Joined redness, in addition to being used to treat acne.

10: benefits of cinnamon

Cinnamon Combats Allergies Cinnamon has been shown to be a great ally in the fight against allergies.

Cinnamon is a strong antibiotic and with the help of the benefits of cinnamon tea, the result is 100% as it has the ability to reduce their uncomfortable symptoms.


In addition, it is effective in reducing the symptoms caused by asthma attacks.

That’s why you need to practice the 10 health benefits of cinnamon and how to use it at home method every day in order for you to have a better result on your health issues.

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