10 Trending Funny African Most Read Idioms Quotes

10 Trending  Funny African  Most Read Idioms Quotes

Hello everyone welcome to my todays  article will be talking about 10 hilarious Afrikaans expressions trending  quotes.

We are going to learn some errors of pecans phrases and the English equivalent today.

So let’s get started.

STEP 1 : Hung on a top:  Which literally means hang on to a branch in English, we would say hold on a second, you can also  say hung on a duck ,that a perfect expression also to express hung on a top.

STEP 2 : Chuckles toe mineral sorrow : Which literally means the jackal is marrying the logs wife the same is used when it’s raining and the sun is shining at the same time now it’s your turn to say goggles throw milk bowl sethro alpha dog.

STEP 3 : Money you will live luckily : it literally  means don’t shake the chicken in English we would say and ever do it now repeat after me Moaning the under her Connie I’d Stefan.

STEP 4 : Reyes squirrel : which literally means to walk in two lines this expression is used to describe someone who is drunk now you say it Tweel area squirrel lure and the stacy.

 STEP 5 : Club an event meal by a directory:  means to be hit by a woman this expression describes someone who is not in their right mind now repeat after me o’clock an event meal ah-hey via hood.

STEP 6 : Honk pick tables for selves slippery: means talk dog era bush this expression is used to describe a great conversation now repeat after me a haunt paper boss self perfect.

STEP 7: Let’s uh play the chord stocky uncouth loose about selectra:  means scratch the lines ball with a short stick this expression means you are playing arrogance pushing your luck now it’s your turn to say it yay crap make a course stocking on a hood Lou Sabol well Quran.

 STEP 8 : Hop animali this letter e : means have a monkey up your sleeve in English this would mean to have a mischievious plan now you say it up and emo hey it’s Karen person .

STEP 9 : Barga hit on my sky bar it’s Latorre : means the mountains gave birth to a mouse, this expression is used when you have gone through a lot of effort and up nothing to show for it now.

you say it, the bargain hit a mice khabar hikes taken.

STEP 10 : Economic loss artist is critical to like gal dilatory:  means chaser work right, for the blood office this expression is used to describe person scaizi .

Now repeat after me economy make the glass artist hysterical.

hilarious Afrikaans expressions  are unique and strong.

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