100 Fraternities Cult Members renounced their Cults

100 Fraternities Cult Members renounced their Cults

More than 100 cultists have renounced their membership in various fraternities of the Orimekpang community in the Boka local government of Cross River State. 

The repentant young people said that they were tired of living in slavery and that cultism was useless. 

The abdication strategy, which began on Saturday 20 February 2021, was hosted by the Reverend Father Emmanuel Ukwa in the presence of Pastor John Eve, Chairman of Boca Local Government; Pius Kejo Osang, Abo Ward Counselor; the head of the Orimekpanga clan and his leaders; Among others, youth and women leaders.

Speaking at the exposure event, Pastor Eva emphasized the need for peace and unity, which he believes are of paramount importance to the development of any society.

Eva explained to the youth that his children, and the children of other politicians go to a good private schools, some go abroad, and that no politician would allow his children to be cultists.

He advised repentant cultists never to return to sectism as it adds no value to their lives or to their social life. 

For his part, the chairman of the local government promised to ensure that those who condemned the sect “will be quickly reintegrated into society through training and empowerment programs offered by ITF, UNICEF, RED CROSS and others.” 

He asked the penitent cultists not to let any political leader lure them back into such diabolical deeds again. 

Father Emmanuel Ukwa, who passed the condemnations into God’s hands through prayer and baptism, advised them to submit to God, who, in his opinion, was ready to accept them.

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