Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs for Canada Immigrants

Highest Paying In-Demand Jobs for Canada Immigrants

Canada, also referred to as the Great White North is a country known for always having open arms to welcome legal immigrants, whether for educational or work purposes. With a growing number of elderly people in the local population, there is indeed a shortage of qualified labor there.

The good news is that the Canadian government is trying to solve this problem by facilitating the migration processes of foreign professionals. But how to work in Canada? In ths post we will talk about the highest paying in-demand jobs for immigrants. Check out!

What are the Highest Paying In-Demand jobs for Immigrants in Canada?


Accountants are the most sought-after foreign professionals in Canada today. This is because this is a key career for the development of companies. After all, the bigger a business is, the more complex the accounting becomes.

To be an accountant in Canada you will need a bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting or a broader related field, as well as professional registration. Accountants typically earn an average salary of CAD$36 per hour.

Sales Representatives

Careers linked to sales are among the fastest growing in Canada. There are more than 8 thousand vacancies offered at Job Bank for positions at all stages of the sales process.

It is true that to work in sales it is not mandatory to have higher education. Still, according to the Canadian government, having a university degree in the area of ​​Business and Administration can be a big differentiator, especially for those who want to move up the career ladder.

Furthermore, even though it is optional for Canadians, a university degree increases your chances of being able to immigrate to Canada. Once there, expect to receive an average salary of 35 Canadian dollars per hour.

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Canada’s growth in the web, telecommunications and mobile technology sectors has increased the demand for designers in the country. Does it seem strange? It’s just that websites and software need to be easy to use. Designers take care of this issue, especially those who work with UX design (usability design) and software design.

To pursue this profession you need to graduate from a design or computing course. Professionals who have postgraduate courses in the area come out ahead in the competition. Furthermore, experience, skill and creativity are the distinguishing factors here. The average hourly wage is 48 Canadian dollars.

Aerospace Engineers

Canada has a great need for Aerospace Engineers. Therefore, getting a job in this area shouldn’t be too difficult. However, this is a profession with more demands than others. In addition to mastering one of the local languages ​​and having one year of experience in the field, you must:

  • Have a degree in Aerospace Engineering, Mechanical Engineering or Engineering Physics;
  • Not be a drug user;
  • Have a clean criminal record within the last 5 years (with the exception of speeding tickets);
  • Have experience in at least five of the following areas: design aerospace vehicles, perform computer simulations of this type of vehicle, prepare materials for aerospace use, supervise manufacturing and assembly of aircraft and spacecraft, coordinate ground and flight tests of spacecraft, develop operational specifications , develop technical and support phases, investigate failures.

If you meet all these criteria, you can look for a vacancy in the area and apply. The average salary for the category is CAD$45 per hour, but can reach 68 dollars per hour in higher positions.

Computer Engineers

Computer Engineering is one of the most necessary areas for any developed country. This is no different for Canada. For this reason, Canadians are open to technology professionals.

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If you have experience developing computing and telecommunications hardware, Canada may have a job for you. The average salary for engineers in this category is 46 Canadian dollars per hour.


As a country highly linked to technology, Canada is always looking for good programmers. If you get a position in this area, your visa will be approved within two weeks, a much shorter period than usual!

To apply for a position, you must have a degree in an area related to computing. You are expected to be responsible for maintaining, installing and correcting problems with computer systems. The average salary for the area is CAD$38 per hour.

Civil Engineers

The area of ​​Civil Engineering is also booming in Canada. Engineers in this segment then ranked 5th among the most needy professionals in the North American country. However, as with Aerospace Engineering, there are extra criteria for this area.

You can check all the requirements on the official Canadian government page. If you meet the criteria, you can apply. Civil engineers earn a little less than those who work in Aerospace Engineering, with an hourly average of 41 Canadian dollars.

Software Engineers

As with programmers, software engineers are seen as much-needed professionals in Canada. Therefore, you can move to the country after two weeks of being hired.

With this job, your role will be to develop programs for companies or customize third-party software. For this, the average salary for these professionals is 48 Canadian dollars per hour.

University or Technical Education Teachers

Another area with a lot of demand and expected growth in the coming years is teaching in higher education. This is largely due to the high number of retirements of professionals in the field.

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It is estimated that by 2026 the country will be able to absorb around 3,500 teachers, but this number could be even higher considering that new universities and technical institutes could emerge by then.

Professionals in this area can work in both the public and private education networks. But it should be noted that the education and experience requirements to be a teacher in Canada vary greatly depending on the work environment.

To teach at universities you must have at least a master’s degree. On the other hand, an institution with a technical focus may accept an undergraduate degree, as long as the candidate has extensive and relevant experience in the sector in which they intend to teach. The average salary for this category is around 52 Canadian dollars per hour.

What is the best way to work in Canada?

Canada is a country with many opportunities, which makes it advantageous for those who want to work abroad. And now you have an idea of ​​how to work in Canada? But did you know that the simplest way to get a dream job there is to study in the country?

Canadian students can work part-time. Additionally, you have a deadline after graduation to secure a position in the local job market. The advantage is that getting a place at university is quite simple.

But it’s important to know that studying or working in Canada requires preparation. It’s not something you can do overnight. After all, it’s not enough to apply for a vacancy, you need to have knowledge and strategy to get what you want.


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