5 cucumber home remedies

5 cucumber home remedies
5 cucumber home remedies

The cucumber is a vegetable that, in addition to being essential in any self-respecting diet, is very beneficial for the health of our body. Its uses are varied, although we can circumscribe its properties in areas such as the care of our skin, the fight against overweight, and the proper functioning of the digestive system. Let’s see some of the most popular home remedies that are made by using this herbaceous plant.

Make cucumber home remedies

1: Homemade mask to rejuvenate the skin: To make this home remedy, we must grate a piece of cucumber (peel included), add a little jojoba oil, and a small amount of white clay until we can form a sort of paste. We have to apply it directly to the face, leave it to act for about 8 minutes, and remove it with hot water.

2: Good functioning of the digestive system: Eating cucumber in the form of juice is a great way to keep the digestive organs in good shape due to the large number of vitamins that this vegetable has.

3: Natural scrub: We can easily make a homemade scrub cream by combining half a cup of cucumber juice with half a cup of oatmeal. We have to mix both ingredients to form a paste and then apply it, using circular movements, to the part of the body that we intend to clean thoroughly.

4: Prevent liver diseases: Raw cucumber combined with whole wheat bread is a quite effective homemade alternative to prevent not only problems related to liver function but also other pathologies such as gout or arthritis.

5: Treatment of rough and cracked hands: Under the peel of the cucumber we can find a large number of nutritional salts and vitamins that are normally lost when peeling. We can take advantage of this part of the vegetable – which is not normally eaten – to treat dry skin on the hands, by means of gentle friction carried out just before going to bed.

Home remedies for dizziness

Dizziness is abnormalities that are characterized by generating a feeling of instability that can originate both psychological and physical problems, each depending on the associated symptoms that appear. Other factors such as fatigue, the intake of certain medications or drugs, postural vertigo, sudden rise or fall of sugar, problems in the inner ear, diseases that predispose us to dehydration, internal bleeding, psychological disorders, or tension problems can lead to the development of dizziness. To appease them, we can use a series of home remedies.

Relieve dizziness with home remedies

Ginger is a plant that can be used as a home remedy to reduce the impact of dizziness on our bodies. Although it has traditionally been used for nausea, it is also a very effective alternative to combat motion sickness. We can prepare an infusion by immersing a small portion of ginger in hot water for thirty seconds or directly taking half a tablespoon of this product. Keep in mind that its taste is very bitter, so it can cause a certain rejection if excessive amounts are ingested at Reverie’s

The properties that can be attributed to the apple are numerous. One of them refers precisely to its ability as a homemade alternative to eliminate the development of dizziness. For this, we only need to take about 100 milliliters of the juice of this fruit and lie down for a while until we see a considerable improvement. If we continue to notice the same symptoms for the rest of the day, we can continue taking this remedy until the feeling of instability is completely eliminated.

If dizziness occurs due to a muscle contracture in the cervical area, we can perform hot and cold treatments with the aim of relieving discomfort. For this, we only have to put some ice packs -for about three or four minutes- in the affected area to give us, later, a hot shower. This home remedy will help us to relax the neck and, therefore, prevent the appearance of this dizziness.

Home remedies for bruxism: 

how to stop clenching your teeth
Bruxism is an anomaly that consists of a substantial alteration of the mouth that causes excessive pressure, making teeth grind without really being aware of the problem. This involuntary habit occurs both during the day and throughout the night and can affect the teeth in such a way that it generates enough to wear so that there is the possibility of losing some of the pieces. It can also cause other ailments like neck discomfort, migraines, insomnia, eating disorders, or jaw pain. There are homemade alternatives that can be carried out to alleviate this problem.

Solve bruxism with home remedies

Physical exercise is a fundamental pillar on which to establish a logical base through which to solve nervous problems that lead to the suffering of bruxism. Thus, this type of activity can be used as a kind of home remedy to alleviate the symptoms associated with this problem. The practice of sport has as one of its main characteristics the evident release of endorphins, natural hormones that produce a deep sense of well-being. Therefore, in case of suffering from bruxism, it is pertinent to the search for a specialist who can guide us in carrying out specific exercises that are beneficial in this regard.

The direct application of heat on the jaws a few minutes before going to bed is one of the most effective home remedies to relieve 

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