5 tips for managing work stress at home

5 tips for managing work stress at home

One of the busiest times of the year has begun, many of us still do not take vacations and we can feel overwhelmed. Talking about work stress may not be a new topic, but the current context has brought this problem to our homes.

Setting goals to improve performance in your projects, or demanding yourself a little more out of a passion for what you do is fuel for your career. But when work activities are accompanied by an overload of tasks at home, economic or health uncertainty, and other coexistence factors, we may be demanding too much of ourselves, and stress can become a serious problem to which we must pay attention. For this reason, we offer you some tips so as not to neglect your health and well-being.

The first thing to do is rest: if you feel tired, have a headache, back, arms or just can’t think about work anymore, it is important to take some time off. Active breaks and short recess times (yes, like children) are the best to take a nap, meditate or go for a walk.

Thoughts during the day are important: if you have an idea, problem, or situation outside of work and it does not allow us to be fully focused, it is important to be able to put it into words: talk with family, friends, or co-workers.

Take advantage of free time from technology: either early in the morning or after work, it is key to take advantage of the time in activities that allow you to clear your mind and release energy. Playing sports, reading a book, or even cooking something delicious are some alternatives that will help you clear your mind.


Organize your tasks: we ourselves are the ones who know best our work rate or how long it takes us to carry out a certain task. That is why organizing ourselves well will allow us to identify those areas of work overload to reorganize tasks or receive support in their execution.

Family time is very important: it is essential to take a break from work and during the day take advantage of every available moment to share with our loved ones. It can be in the morning, at lunchtime, or at the end of the workday. Finding spaces for dialogue and carrying out family activities will allow us to maintain a balance between our personal and work life.


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