60 tips to maintain a healthy relationship

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60 tips to maintain a healthy relationship

Have you gone through this article I believe you have the knowledge to carry out to relationship and be able to be equipped and take responsibility for your marriage? For you to get the ideal person, the bottom line is to be ideal yourself a successful marriage is all about the fear of God and also the feeling of your partner I want your relationship to be successful that’s why I am coming over this article so that after reading this article you will learn one or two things that will enable you to carry out the relationship in a perfect way.

Table of Contents

I want the single to take and keep the marriage bows with boldness allows in mind and things to win I want to take you around the clock on things to do to keep your relationship On Sound footing.

Below are 60 tips to maintain a healthy relationship

  1. One doesn’t stress the wrong always 
  2. Show that you love and care practice true love which expect nothing in return for a commitment 
  3. Sit down and enumerated your weakness , remember a problem identified is half solved and show that you try your best possible to walk on the identify Weakness In You 
  4. Have a talk with your partner spell out what you like and dislike 
  5. Don’t pressure or assume it and find out the fact of a matter before drawing a conclusion 
  6. Give room to the benefit of that no one is a saint, not even you. remember that you have a dark spot too. 
  7. Don’t criticize your partner in public 
  8. Find out what he or she likes or dislike learn to overlook some issues in a relationship 
  9. Appreciate your partner efforts 
  10. learn to value some issues in the relationship.
  11. Correct in love. such a statement like ‘if you do it this way don’t you think it will be better? 
  12. Ask for personal opinion on issues that will affect the relationship in one way or the other such as vision program plans e.t.c 
  13. Don’t hide your income 
  14. Plan financially together and spend time together.
  15. Maintain a flexible disposition. 
  16. Create time for outings price gift and present should be encouraged
  17. Surprise gift and present should be encouraged 
  18. Don’t compare your bus pass or relationship with any other person 
  19. Two-way communication is important always have listening ears don’t always do the talk how to heal listening ears do the talk allow your partner to hear out eggs or have you and you can contribute to eat later on 
  20. When one partner is hot or hungry the other must become don’t exchange world in form of Quarry it is very very bad in a relationship
  21. Take your bath sleep and eat together
  22. Study your partner emotion when happy-sad serious or bothered about anything you can contribute or ask him what is the problem to see in Port of you can sort it together these can go a long way in a relationship 
  23. Don’t blow off the candle before midnight if you notice any change in the character of your partner find out the course and address it with wisdom find out a convenient time and place to discuss this with him 
  24. Separate your office work from your housework your family needs your attention don’t forget this in any relationship it goes a long way in helping the relationship. 
  25. Pet names should be used in your relationship example names like sweetheart, my love, my heart, darling, my dear, and my own,  should be used, note that you can create your pet name by yourself. 
  26. Make anytime at a convenient appropriate place any day as long as it is convenient to do this it is legally married 
  27. Always I hurt your pains as soon as possible and out the appropriate place and time sorry your partner and do this when he or she is quiet and ready to listen to you. 
  28. Disagree to agree there must be a time of this agreement but don’t always have your way through the way.
  29. Don’t talk down on your partner in any cause or a situation that trigger a pronouncement causes. 
  30. Pray study God’s words together and stay close to God 
  31. Try your possible best to be of the same Faith or denomination it helps to strengthen the family ties 
  32. Don’t discriminate 
  33. Be tolerable and jovia. 
  34. Be homely, Dress to suit the occasion. dress the way your partner wants but at  the same time don’t lose your value indecent dress code should be out of it. 
  35. Don’t give room for too suspicious be faithful and improve your mouth to your partner to doubt. 
  36. Don’t be possessive, jealousy is good but possessiveness is very very bad in a relationship it will destroy the relationship 
  37. Avoid tempting situations. don’t tempt your partner he or she might not be able to stand it. 
  38. Always say the truth and stand by it 
  39. The generous and supportive 
  40. Make amends once corrected and ever remain so 
  41. Don’t stay outside your house more than you should get if there’s any need why you should do so please explain properly and ensure that you are understood
  42. Commend your partner for his her beautiful outfit, hairdo, step, be interested in your partners personality  
  43. Selecting what he or she can put on it is a great sign of commitment sense of belonging and care. 
  44. Don’t neglect your partner’s family 
  45. Say sorry when you are wrong the Hornets about it
  46. Let go the past mistake and offences look into the future let everyday be a new day in everything that you do in your relationship
  47. Encourage your partner and all speak positive things to him or her always. 
  48. Don’t keep a distance relationship, one may. Be attempted to derail, stay close to your partner or he or she will always need you. 
  49. Insist on saving don’t spend more than you earn. 
  50. We appreciate you don’t fail to say thank you no matter how little the assistant or gift he or she gives you. 
  51. Be proud of your partner and talk about him or her often
  52. Don’t be easily irritated with Angus Paul’s relationship very fast
  53. No, and maintain your boundary don’t take your partner for granted but you are an expert and must be encouraged 
  54. Don’t prove that you are independent of your spouse 
  55. Don’t believe or act on what they say in your relationship it is a silent killer 
  56. Are you a woman don’t dress as if you are going out for war at night time, know that men are attracted by what they see put on transparent night wears. 
  57. You’re beautiful by nature,  as a man, know that women are attracted by what they wear, always whisper sweet and romantic words into your woman’s ear this makes them belonging and important. 
  58. Avoid using languages when provoked the best answer is silence 
  59. Make every time useful and interesting in your relationship 

In conclusion 

No matter how was he will fill your partner or unhealthy your relationship is if you take it up upon yourself to implement this is sister tips on how to keep a healthy relationship there must be a total turnaround in your relationship. 

The success of your relationship or marriage is your responsibility out and ensure that you polish it to grow, Effort on one hand with definitely pay off divided immediately and in the future of your relationship.  on the other hand, Siberian that’s only benefit seriously from the joy and peace that flow from your relationship and the world could be a better place to live I hope you have learned one or two things from this article. Please kindly share this article to encourage the writer of this post in my next post I’ll be writing a specific or rather a specified article on how to maintain and build a healthy marriage

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