7 Facts Why Your Site Is Drops In Ranking

7 Facts Why Your Site Is Dropping In Ranking

Google bot! It can be difficult to understand, but as a website owner, it has more features than we think, and a good understanding of how they work can lead to longer rankings.

Keep Google search results from dropping

Fully understand what is talking about before listing the reasons why Google is confusing and degrading your site’s ranking.

How is Google ranked?

Simply add it up, it’s a way to measure the importance of a website, if you do not know this, you have to know it now.

This is the algorithm that Google uses to rank search result websites on search engines, this clearly explains your Google ranking.

It explains Google’s search ranking decline
If a top or top website goes offline, it’s well worth showing that Google search isn’t showing enough, and value and authority are reduced.

By now, you may have collected the entire content of this article. Find out why Google is lowering your site’s search ranking.

Google will reduce the ranking of your site if:

Your website has passed: Believe it or not, Google Robots never uses it on long unmanned websites.

There are enough posts to be updated from time to time as we need to adjust our site to be unsuitable for Google Robots and eventually lower our site ranking.

Update at least once a week to ensure that your Google search rankings are not reduced.

Your website is not mobile-friendly

As others know or have read, Google will make mobile devices a top priority. In addition, a platform analysis shows that there are more mobile platforms than desktops and tablets. Do you think you know what it is?

If your site is not mobile-friendly, your site may be downgraded by Google search rankings.

With the introduction of powerful smartphones, mobile device usage has outpaced desktop and laptop usage by more than 70%.

Replace templates frequently

Yes, many website owners, especially design enthusiasts, can accept it. I saw some examples of website owners going online, downloading third-party templates, and using them on their websites.

Use carefully crafted, responsive, and SEO-friendly templates. The problem only arises when templates are shuffled on an ongoing basis, making the site the focus of spam.

If you are a website owner who is not very happy with the look of your site, you can use more than four templates a week without worry. For Google search bots, roam within the template every time.

You should hire a web designer to make your website look as perfect as you want and avoid degrading Google search rankings.

Keywords change regularly

Investigate the keyword and leave it alone. If you change your keywords regularly, search engine robots can’t recognize your pages, creating distrust and potentially ruining your site.

Too much content

Copying and manipulating content signals Google Robots a negative impression. “Duplicate content is a substantial block of content within or between domains that exactly matches or is similar to other content.” Stop copying and manipulating content.

Do not add the “don’t follow” attribute to affiliate links

They do not laugh at affiliate links in blog posts, especially when there are too many. If this is your side (affiliate marketing), read carefully to avoid downgrading or fines of Google search bots or other search engines.

When writing an article for a product you want to advertise, placing links (members) directly into the article can cause problems.

Google Robot cannot follow these links unless you add the “do not follow” attribute to the links. So you can safely use affiliate links in your blog posts.

First, keeping the truth, reading Google rules regularly, and doing the right thing is the ultimate way to keep your website healthy and rank high in Google search results.

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