7 ways on how to overcome chronic procrastination

How to overcome and get rid of chronic procrastination is a major habit among many today, a habit almost every one possessed if am not mistaking, this major syndrome can be handle via procrastination psychology if proper counseling is applied.

Full definition of procrastination

Procrastination is the largest side of our negative being that stands avians our positive side, not quite everybody procrastinates, however, if we can overcome this negative part of us, then is a Win-win-win for us.

Depression and procrastination can lead to many other factors that will be mention as we proceeds

Tips to get rid of procrastination

In most cases when we wake up planing, to do something, “BOOM” the next moment will find ourselves, not being able to do it again, that’s the real meaning of procrastination.

What is procrastination?

Procrastination is a plan killer
Procrastination is a time stealer
Procrastination is not our friend

7. Techniques to overcome procrastination

Procrastination as becomes part of many today it occurs mostly when you try to rearrange overloaded errands in your hands

To many is a way to relieve themselves from stress, a way to get rid of unpleasant dreaded assignments, pending when will have free time to begin work.

My own way of defining Procrastination is “the boss controller of our negativity “

This negatively has a way of affecting us psychologically, researched has snowed that reasons why majority pros-poned, is because they feel there is still much “time” ahead, not knowing the fact that time is not our friend.

Funny enough, time waits for nobody, perhaps find a way not to befriend time in order for you to succeed procrastination.

For leaders procrastination, it’s worst, people who hold high position tend to fall into this category mostly A lot of them find it difficult to overcome procrastination, finding it difficult to control as well

Types of procrastination

There are different types of procrastination, but we are going to look into the mist important once on this article.

Procrastination happens to be the first thought  that comes into place when you find it difficult to overcome overloaded issue on your mind.

When it comes, it takes over the positive side of you, it takes charge of the positive decisive side that’s why it is very important to fight it, take control of it. How to overcome procrastination  is hard this day.

7 tips to get rid of chronic procrastination

1. have written notes of all the duty elected to put into action, by jotting down a list of your projects, it enables you to keep track of your “Front Minds” it makes thing easy enough  not to forget.

2. Record great challenges, that which always come in to place that makes you don’t want to go into action, would it be “FEAR”? fear of the unknown? fear of failing? Fear of not being able to go through to the end.

Fear of, how do I get started, fear of loss, fear of things that are unimaginable, for of how to get rid of procrastination.

You need to fight that spirit of fear and defect it, if not,  I bet you, you are going No where,  until you get rid of fear, achievement is far from you.

Moreover, is it because you feel you at not suitable or capable for the project that makes fail get into work now.  And say no to fear.

3 nullify destructive reasoning, thinking about the task positively helps, negatives destroy plans, What do you think of? each time a plan comes up? Most especially about the plans you aim to execute.

What comes into your mind each time you think of  it? If it’s positive, then it’s better, if negative  than find a way to get rid rid of it.

How to get rid of negative thinking is not a problem, first stop thinking negative, about it, get occupied, with positive vibes.

Get engaged positively, find a way to over shadow that negative part with Positivists, for instance,  the moment the thought of, I can’t do it comes, find a way to contain it positive thinking, just believe you can do it.

4. Have a breakdown of all the listed project arrange them step by step, starting from the easier task down to the listed. Arrange it serially , from one 2 ten, then focus on the easy ones first,  one step at a time.

5. Applause, every step of achievement you accomplished, praise yourself for every step you take ahead on your list, it stands as a way to motivate you to advance more.

6. be ready for obstacle, obstacle  will surely surfaces as you proceed, so find a way to bypass it when it come, you have to learn to be ahead of this.

So be ready for it, and have plans for possible to fight it don’t think of plan B ways to fight  it when it comes nullify the idea of thinking about a plan B, the option of a plan B stands as a barrier to plans. Work on your plan A and strategies perfectly to achieve a result.

7. Lastly,  Set a reminder for your goals, each goals most have a reminder, let an alarm be part of your plan to get started on every task,  minder is a great way to achieve success in life .

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