A 15 years old boy murder his 12 years old love in Jigawa States

12 kill 15 in jigawa state

Damutawa village in the northwest of jigawa state was on fire today as everybody gathers in thousands to mourn the Death of one 15 year old girl who was massacred cold-blooded by his 12 years old lover, with a locally-made gun.

The local government chief conveys his condolences to the family involved as he stated the village has never experienced a thing like this before and acknowledged that this is strange to them.

Sani Muhammadu was just 12, his girl lover 15 according to references from the village who were close to the victims.


Sani assaulted his girl around the hours of 8:00 am the precious day morning before re-attack her again on the 24th of February with a locally-made gun.

He murdered his 12 years old lover around 3:00 pm on Wednesday yesterday at her lover’s uncle house where she was relieving tension 

The name of her lover was declared to be Habiba Junaidu is said to come from the same village as her lover who ended her precious life for nothing.

Muhammadu took the uncle’s loaded Dane gun and shot Habiba at the back. She died immediately.

The area commander of Jigawa state police spokesman honorable Zubaira Ismail Aminudea confirm to us about the death and said the boy is in their custody already, according to him the boy was apprehended shortly after the rumor got to our desk and the body of the victim is already in the village hospital and has already been verified dead.

Jigawa police stated: 

“Jigawa state police is investigating this matter and will get be to the family pertained to soon with the concrete report, but for now the boy will remain in our detention pending when the investigation is finished”

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