A Peculiar Carnival

A  Peculiar Carnival
A  Peculiar Carnival

In my Parade Yearbook, I’m calling it  Peculiar Carnaval. I’m not being ridiculous. These are real words from my heart. There’s a peculiar vibe about this year’s carnival. It feels like there’s something very special about today—not just the weather, which is typically delightful (although it might get chilly), nor the dozens of delicious food trucks set-up along Pennsylvania Avenue—but something special about this year’s parade: 

A connection between us all. Our fates are inextricably linked, but this year we’re stepping off the main drag a little early; we don’t have time to find our way around. So while it might not be normal to feel like this about your favorite holiday (although it is exactly that), rest assured: 

We are Peculiar Carnaval

Every year, the Peculiar Carnival rolls into town. More than 200,000 people throng the streets of Williamsburg for an epic four-day celebration that highlights some of the most remarkable people and civic achievements in the city’s history. Known locally as  The Big Parade,  the event attracts an eclectic mix of musicians, artists, dancers, and entertainers from across Virginia and neighboring states. As the sun sets over the Water Street Bridge into Southside, hundreds of thousands of out-of-state travelers make their way to celebrate with hometown friends and family under the stars. 



Enjoy this YouTube video as we count down the top ten moments from last year’s Peculiar Carnival. A peculiar carnival is in the offing with a new scent, new characters, and new activities for the whole family to enjoy. So come find out what’s new at Cruix Exotic Animal Park – the only place where you can smell like a king without having to wear a crown! The park is open every day from 10am to 5pm; admission is free! Clinic your pets before they go on display at other zoos and circuses around the world.

A peculiar carnival is in store for yours this year: a Carnaval unique to Corsica, set to take place on March 13th through 15th. On this memorable day, every household will get together to witness a show that is a mix of fifty aspects from cultures across the island – from ancient history to Oriental mystery, from folktale to modern techno-thriller. Get ready to witness history being made on a scale never before attempted by stringing together colorful balls of wool, wax, and woolen thread! Puerto Rico’s strange political history is rooted in peculiar traditions, some of which date back to the 1600s. 

Among these is the custom of burning coconuts on Maundy Thursdays, an observance that dates back to colonial times. As comical as it may seem, Puertorriqueños support this festival because it brings them wealth and success in the gambling dens at night. The tradition carries on even today as some locals stake their claim on particularly attractive trees during this time of year and attempt to spring their traps — daring competitors to step on one while hiding behind a coconut shell.

What makes a carnival unusual? It’s the belief that anything goes – that anything can be carnival-worthy. The rides, the animals, the music, the food all inspire at least a little bit of abandon in those who endure them. Just as people build settlements in Cancun with pirate-themed murals and bonfires, people also create memories with unique attractions. Some memories are worth holding on to, while others fade away into oblivion. But whether you choose to cherish them or abandon them depends on how much glory you’re willing to shed for them. Mardi Gras is a peculiar and delightful holiday: a day for Africans to dress up in colonial and down-home regalia and celebrate the unknown. 

The ritual of parading down Main Street in costume is not simply a matter of fun and frolic; it is a demonstration of strength, unity, and identity. It signified the end of a 13-year hiatus from political life. In some ways, it was also the beginning of a new era—one in which the MARTA System would take center stage.||

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