Anger management: Simple Guidelines on How to control anger when it comes

Anger management: Simple Guidelines on How to control anger when it comes
Anger management: Simple Guidelines on How to control anger when it comes

What is anger ? Anger is extreme displeasure or a viol ent emotion in expression of an issue of displeasure. Anger is a part of life and is inherent in every human being. It depends on how you allow yours to manifest.

The expression of anger can lead to many errors’ even the problem mankind faces today according to the Christians belief was caused by anger from GOD, anger can destroy a lot of thing that why it is important to learn how to control your anger when it strikes.

Offense and how to go about it

Offences must come, but when they come how do you comfort yourself. Marriage is the testing ground for your ability to control your anger. Your children will offend you, your partner will offend you, your neighbours. Don’t suppress your anger when you are offended because the after effect is more detrimental. Don’t accumulate offences
find time to express yourself to whoever has offended you, when the anger must have subsided.

Hazard cause by anger

There are also health hazards in suppressed anger, i and t Could give you high blood pressure, headache, anxiety etc. Learn to keep calm when you are angry over Someone’s behaviour. Even when your partner is angry nagging, don’t match word for word, action for action, the consequence is bad. Instead get out of the Scene and find time to Come back to your partner or who so ever to express your grievances.

A story was told ofa woman who went to the herbalist for consultation and solution on the constant beating she receives from her husband. The native doctor gave her a small stone and
instructed her to put the stone in her mouth, that whenever her husband is angry with her and is about to beat her she should not ulter any word as not to let the stone drop.

The woman adhered to the instruction on the day quarrel erupted. She quickly ran into the house, put the stone in her mouth, and kept quiet at the scolding husband. The man himself was surprised at her new attitude.

Subsequently it was the same. So one day the woman went to appreciate the herbalist for the efficacy of his medicine. There the man said; my daughter, I did not give you any medicine, that was an ordinary stone, I said this so that you can shut up your mouth when your husband is talking or angry. The woman went home and adhered to the instruction and she is happy in her home now. However, in no circumstance should a man beat his Wife or a woman beat her husband because there are some homes where women are in charge.

One of the causes of divorce in many homes is anger. Especially in families where there are two captains in one boat. Mr. A is always claiming right and Mrs. B. is claiming right. Ng body wants to succumb for the sake of peace and continuity. Women should submit themselves to their husband no matter their financial status, educational or physical influence over their husband.

As the man, you have to love your wife, Appreciate her. provide for her, give her gifts, cloth her with the best outfit are under cared for When her brassiere and pants have torn and her breast looses shape, dangling up and down and you refuse to change them for her, there is nothing you will do to please that woman.


I have earlier talked on attitudes that make a mess of the faith you profess. How can you call yourself a Christian and you fight in the yard, at the bus stop with conductors with bible on your
hand. We should control our anger as Christians so that we can be good examples in the society and live happily within our environment.

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