Are there treatments for obesity?

Are there treatments for obesity?

Obesity is a problem of great relevance in current public health. It is closely associated with type 2 Diabetes Mellitus  and cardiovascular diseases, thus reducing life expectancy in addition to leading to an increase in comorbidity in the population.

Semaglutide is a drug similar to glucagon type 1 (GLP-1) approved for the treatment of DM2. It is a hormone that acts on the body’s appetite centers (brain and intestine) producing a feeling of satiety.

This drug has excellent results in the treatment of obesity, helping to lose more than 10% of the average body weight. It has a powerful hypoglycemic effect in addition to improving insulin resistance. Likewise, semaglutide has shown evidence of cardiovascular protection as it has a lowering effect on blood pressure.

This drug is administered weekly, which makes it very attractive as a treatment for obesity and diabetes. Its form of presentation is as a pre-filled pen that must be administered by a simple subcutaneous injection located on the abdomen, thigh or upper arm

In short, Semaglutide is a safe and effective drug for the treatment of obesity and diabetes, which does not present worrisome side effects, since the data show that only a negligible part of the patients suffer relevant gastrointestinal symptoms. It is used in combination therapy with other antidiabetics only in patients with type 2 diabetes and with a body mass index greater than 30 Kg / m2 (obesity).

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