Beautiful love quotes for WhatsApp

Beautiful love quotes for WhatsApp
The task of uploading WhatsApp Status Quotes on a daily basis could be really hectic as to how one can have WhatsApp status only useful Quotes at all times. No more, you can have WhatsApp status quotes for everyone to enjoy here. Now, post them before others lay hands on them.
Here, you will have a huge list of WhatsApp status quotes to choose from. Now, you can upload a new status every day using this list of amazing WhatsApp status quotes. It won’t be a hectic task for you, but it would be really fun with these amazing WhatsApp status quotes .

Part 1: Fresh WhatsApp Status Quotes

1. I am excellent at sleeping, but I can do it with both my eyes closed.
2. The Earth without “art” is just “Eh”.
3. life is too short. so, don’t waste it when reading my useless WhatsApp status. .
4. I don’t like math, but I like counting money.
5. We are all supposed to die, so don’t feel that you are more extraordinary than me.
6. I don’t have an attitude problem; I only have one persona that you can’t deal with.
7. I am jealous of my parents as I will never have a child as nice as theirs.
8. I am not arguing; I’m just tired of explaining why I’m always right.
9. I love buying new things, but I don’t like spending money.
10. I haven’t changed, I’ve just grown up. You must try it once.
11. I want to create the rest of my days to be the best of my days!
12. If you’re going to leave me for no reason, don’t try to go back for a reason.
13. I started with nothing, but I still used to have more of it.
14. I have to hold the recipe for happiness. could someone just lend me some money so i can buy the ingredients?
15. I like to go out with those who make me forget to look at my phone.
16. I require Google in my head.
17. I talk to myself because I like to go out with a better type of people.
18. I am in desperate need of a 6 month vacation, twice a year.
19. Yesterday I started nothing, and today I am concluding what started yesterday.
20. I don’t need a hairdresser as my pillow gives me an innovative hairstyle every dawn.
21. I am familiar with the fact that I am impressive. Consequently, I do not worry about your judgment.
22. I am not lazy; I am just saving my energy.
23. Dear math, please grow up and solve your own problems; I am exhausted from solving them for you.
24. I stopped fighting my inner demons. Both are on the same team now.
25. I am not concerned with what people think or say about me; I have not taken birth on this land to entertain everyone.
26. Today’s dawn, when I was going on a drive in my Ferrari, my alarm clock woke me up.
27. I say my mind. I don’t care what I said.
28. God is really innovative, I mean. just take a good look at me.
29. HOME: where I can look horrible and take pleasure in it.
30. Be cheerful in front of people you hate; murders it to them.

Part 2: Funny WhatsApp Status Quotes

1. I used to love my next door neighbors until I put a password on their Wi-Fi.
2. I just have an allergic reaction to the world.
3. If common sense is very common, why do so many people not have it?
4. Try to pronounce the letter B without meeting your lips.
5. If time is not waiting for you, relax. Just get rid of your watch battery and enjoy your life.
6. Running away does not help you in your problems, unless you are obese.
7. CLASS – Come-by late and Start-off to sleep.
8. People who say “good morning” every Monday deserve a beating.
9. You can in no way buy love, but still, you need to pay for it.
10. I love my six packs away too much that I keep them protected with a fat cover.
11. I don’t like people who stole my thoughts before my thinking of them.
12. My bed becomes extra comfortable when I have to get out of it every morning.
13. We all have this friend who says, “I’ll be there around 8,” and then shows up at 11.
14. I love my job only when I’m on vacation.
15. 70% of boys have girlfriends. rests 30% have brains.
16. Most other than the dominant words “I LOVE YOU” are “Salary has been credited”.
17. Sorry about those messages I sent last night, my phone was drunk.
18. I want someone to grant me a loan and after that, leave me alone.
19. All my existence I believed air was free until I bought a bag of chips.
20. True friends do not make judgments about others, but judge others together!
21. Life is not long; Chat fast!
22. I speculate what happens when the doctor’s wife consumes an apple every day. .
23. Doing nothing is a very difficult thing to do, you wouldn’t know when to stop.
24. Light moves faster than sound which is why people look stunning until they speak.
25. The moment when success comes before work is only in the dictionary.
26. If my college taught me anything, it’s texting without looking at my phone.
27. Mosquitoes are like relatives. All-boring, but take your blood.
28. My biggest concern in life is, in fact, how my online contacts will be informed about my death !!
29. A book store is the only proof we have that people are thinking.
30. Those who change their love status after 30 seconds. Girlfriend is to blame.

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