Biography of Reggie Stephey: Where is He Now?

Biography of Reggie Stephey: Where is He Now?
Biography of Reggie Stephey: Where is He Now?

Bio of Reggie Stephey: Where is He Now?

Bio of Reggie Stephey: Where is He Now?

He is a citizen of the United States and gained notoriety in September 1999. Jaqueline Saburido was severely burned and two of her friends were killed when Reggie slammed into their car.

Age of Reggie Stephey

Reggie Stephey was born in 1981; his birthdate and month are unknown to the public. There is also no information available on his parents or siblings if any. He was a high school student at the time of the accident, albeit the name of the school is omitted.

Reggie Stephey Accident

On September 19, 1999, at the age of 18, while still in High School, Reggie was driving home from a party in Austin.

What sort of car was Reggie operating?

The young man had consumed alcohol and was now driving while impaired. His Vehicle struck a car traveling along RM 2222 that was being driven by Jacqueline and her two companions Laura Guerrero and Natalia Benneth.

Who friends of Jacqueline Saburido perished?

Laura, a 20-year-old UT student, and Natalia died instantaneously from the impact of the strike, and Jacqueline was trapped in the front passenger seat while the car caught fire and burned for a minute before firefighters could extinguish it.

the amount of Jacqui’s body that was burnt

Burns covered 60% of Jacqui’s body.

Jacqueline Saburido, is she still with us?

Jacqueline suffered severe burns that left her in a poor condition; despite urgent operations and skin grafts, she lost her lips, nose, and ears.

Jacqueline spent months in a Galveston burn unit, undergoing more than 50 procedures since more than 60% of her body had been severely burnt, having her eyes stitched shut to keep them from drying out, and having her fingers amputated.

Until her passing in 2019, her father took on the role of carer.

Trial of Reggie Stephey and sentencing

Reggie Stephey was found guilty of two counts of intoxicated manslaughter in 2001 and received a seven-year jail term.

How long did Reggie spend on parole?

On one of his trials, Jacqueline ran into him and informed him that she had forgiven him. Reggie finished serving his time in June 2008, at which point he was freed.

Today, where is Reggie Stephey?

Reggie collaborated with Jacqueline on projects to stop drunk driving while serving his sentence.

She thus became the face of various anti-impaired driving initiatives, and Reggie backed a cause even after completing his term.

While in prison, he got an associate degree in Philosophy and business; after prison, Reggie Stephey enrolled at the University of Texas as a junior. He also worked part-time at construction jobs.

There is no doubt that Reggie will forever carry the burden of his actions. However, hopefully, he can live by it but not be defined by it. In April 2019, Jaqueline Saburido’s family announced her death.

It was revealed that she had died of cancer at the age of 40.

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