Bitcoin: Full insight Value and Founder

Bitcoin: Full insight Value and Founder

The world seems to be getting hard, making it stronger and stronger everyday. Bitcoin recently surpassed $19,891 / BTC on December 17, 2017.

It is also the world’s highest cryptocurrency record. You can’t believe this cryptocurrency called Bitcoin, which cost $0.003, $2 in 2011, $13 in 2012, is now trading at $8,000. 

If you invested only $100 in BTC in 2010, the current transaction price is 1 BTC = $8,000, and today you can get $266 million. 

According to CNBC and The Washington Post, you can view this data in the media and print it from May 2018, investing $100 in 2010 and $75 million in May 2018. 

In the six months of May 2017 (effective since November 2017), you can clearly see that it has reached $266 million, exceeding x3. 

This means that if a user invested $100 in 2010 and held it for 6 years and some months (as in 2017), it would be $75 million, or $75 million. 

This clearly showed how excited they were and how crazy the cat world was. Imagine investing only $100 in Bitcoin in 2010 and selling it near its highest point. Take $19,000 / BTC as an example, you will get $633,333,333, or about $633 million.

Of course, were are the price of Bitcoin?  the last price hiked from 2014 to 2015, because we didn’t really consider it worth buying. 

Were can I buy Bitcoin? 

The answer is correct. This article does not discuss Bitcoin (but I want to point out), what is Bitcoin, how to reach an agreement, what is mining Bitcoin, and how to buy Bitcoins.

What is Bitcoin?

Trusted currencies (as the US dollar and Euro) are controlled by banks, or private property, and some currencies are considered central currencies.

Bitcoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency that no one can just create. For example, through the presence of the private sector, banks can control this decentralized currency.

Bitcoin was founded by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Bitcoin is not a natural currency like other currencies. Bitcoin has more security then other currencies Also, in short, Bitcoin is an online electronic currency, and can interact with anyone.

Bitcoin was originally designed to launch a world-class Bitcoin business, but it is now very popular. Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter, said that Bitcoin is essential for the future. Many e-commerce sites have added Bitcoin for the near future, we will buy and sell Bitcoin products .

How to store Bitcoin?

The simple answer is a Bitcoin wallet. Anyone can create and use an account that provides a free Bitcoin wallet. There are several Bitcoin wallets, e.g ; or

You can buy  bitcoin with a credit card before topping to your account making a bank transfer.

Bitcoin price and transaction fees

Bitcoin is now trading at more than $8,000. At least we don’t pay or send Bitcoin. Bitcoin has 8 decimal places against Fiat currency. The high bitcoin unit is Satoshi Nakamoto, which is a hundred dollars.

Bitcoin increased from $1 billion to $100 million or more (1 BTC = 0.00000001 Satoshi). These are intermediate exchange rates because they can be changed and can deposited into your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin does not have Fiat currency, but how much Bitcoin is on the market. Bitcoin  is locked at 21 million, and you can’t get 21 million in total. As of May 22, 2018, she pro traders currently have 17.05 million bitcoins available for trading and can’t exceeds.

Due to changes in Bitcoin, bitcoin don’t charge transaction fee . It is wise to say that bitcoin is a currency that is not regulated by banks, but a major feature of fiat currencies and does not include taxes and fees.

What is Bitcoin mining?

If we send a bitcoin account to a bitcoin address, we will confirm that you have received a bitcoin account or can transfer the account to the bank’s bitcoin account. 

The person responsible for overseeing the project is called Bitcoin, and most minors are responsible for checking payments. Many Bitcoins are intermingled because we can only make very few Bitcoins and gain control.

Because this is necessary, it is always away from the middle traders. In short, they have modern computers that can only handle bitcoin advanced transactions and graphics

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