Blindness In Childhood – How to prevent it

Blindness In Childhood - How to prevent it
Blindness In Childhood – How to prevent it

Blindness In Childhood And How to prevent it has been one of the major issues for parents around the world. Recently there have been high numbers of childhood blindness due to preventable corneal scars, lately, doctors have encouraged parents to increase conceptions of vitamin A, multivitamins supplements among children with the age range of 8-10 months old, recently the high number of traditional medicine intake in Africa has increased instead of normal prescribe research English medicine for this cases.


  • Unable to go alone in an unknown street even with the aid of a spectacle.
  • Unable to do occupation which involves direct vision.
  • Unable to count fingers of an open hand on a black

background at more than a distance of one meter.”

causes of childhood blindness

  1. Congenital syphilis
  2. measles
  3. Conjunctivitis
  4. Onchocerciasis
  5. Trauma
  6. Ophthalmia neonatorum
  7. Trachoma and glaucoma
  8. Myopia
  9. Keratomalacia
  10. Congenital.

how to prevent blindness

1. Good environmental sanitation.

2. Adequate immunization.

3. Treat causes at an early stage. Regular ophthalmology consult.

  • Conjunctivitis = Saline irrigation and antibiotics
  • Trachoma = Chloro & Oxy – tetracycline
  • Onchocerciasis = Diethylcarbamazine
  • Keratomalacia = Vitamin A.
  • Ophthalmia neonatorum = 1% AgNO3 eye drop at birth.
  •  Cataract = Needling and aspiration or extraction.
  • Glaucoma = Diamox tablet; Pilocarpine Eye Drop or surgery.
  • Send the child who is blind to a special school to learn brail writing

They can attain any height in education using brail. Such children are however advised against studying the is advisable to pay more attention to childhood blindness so we can eradicate blindness in children in our society.

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