Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston biography

Whitney Houston and bobby Brown biography

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston’s biography The bad boy and America’s girlfriend were married in 1992 culminating in what seemed like a healthy and balanced love story. Nothing could be further from reality: it was the beginning of a Greek tragedy that did not even end with the death of the singer.

It was one of the cases of the sharpest contrast between the most brilliant public success and the intimate tragedy. When Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown were married on July 18, 1992, they seemed to be on top of their careers. The chico malo and the novia of America were the perfect couples, but what hid that wedding was an accumulation of bitter lies that ended up taking them away. This is a story about reason, class, gender, and immortal songs.

It was written that a relationship that was dissected and exhibited in parts before the world had to enter an environment for all to see. It was at the 1989 Soul Train Awards, the awards for the famous music program centered on African American artists. His first meeting was literally a casual blow. “Le pegué en la head”, recalled Whitney for an article in Vanity Fair in 1992. “You were talking to some of my dear friends, the Winans, who was sitting behind him. . Y Robyn, my executive assistant, gives the twist and says to me: “Don’t hit Bobby in the head. I don’t think I’ll like it.” Bobby, lo siento mucho.” It says: “Está Bien.” And así fue.” After that meeting, Whitney invited the party of his 26 partners; the relationship started to rotate in an unstoppable form.

The situation of both of them on the night of the Soul Train also illustrates the perfection of their status in the industry, something that would unavoidably mark their romance. On the one hand, Bobby was singing about the stage My prerogative with his energy release, dance, and contempt, the hallmark of the house, and applauded performance. Y luego estaba Whitney, a supersta  bucheted. When the nominations for the best video clip were announced, 

in the category that competed against Janet Jackson and Michael Jackson, and was mentioned for their I wanna dance with somebody video, the hiss and whistles mixed with applause were clearly heard. This had occurred in the previous edition of the awards. Why was one of the most successful stars of the moment, responsible for the multi-venture records, insulted by her own community? The broad answer is complex and obliges a broad dissertation on reason, class, and the representation of women in the entertainment industry, but the answer cuts: for being too white.
“When I came out for the first time, Los negros felt ‘she belongs to us’” tells the same artist. “Y suddenly llegó el great success and felt that ya was not of them, that it was not within reach. It seemed that I was becoming more accessible to the whites, but it wasn’t like that”. A la young Nippy, as they called intimates, there was a discovery of Clive Davis, from the record label Arista, it was just a question of time before someone decided to exploit this voice. In addition, there were illustrious backgrounds in his family: his mother, Cissy, had been a respected chorister, and his cousin was none other than Dionne Warwick, the famous soul singer. Davis launched her as a pop artist for all audiences, which included presenting her as a kind of asexual, neutral, harmless angel, without any kind of controversial, always correct, always perfect statement. 
There were other black radio-formula artists, but Whitney’s success was such that these aspects were too visible. Just not, Whitney was perceived in the finals of the 80s as a marketing product that betrayed its reason. “Whitney no bailaba”, explained in an article by the defunct Gawker dedicated to analyzing the phenomenon: “he didn’t have invited rappers, he didn’t wear leather straps and there were videos of prestige callejero with Scorsese, he didn’t sing about social injustice like Janet. .. Tenía cero credibility callejera”.

And then Bobby Brown appeared at his side, who if he had anything to do with it was callejera credibility. His image, in his case of “chico malo”, obeyed something real, not a commercial strategy. Raised in the lower neighborhoods of Boston, for 12 years he had taken a shot on the rod for flirting with a girl with a novio. A los 23, ya had tres hijos. It tells of anecdotes like that on one occasion I started cooking fried chicken for his family and instead of breading it in harina, I made a mistake and rebooted it with cocaine. When a friend of his own was stabbed in a reef at only 11 years, Bobby set out to leave the ghetto with faith. Formó together with other New Edition teenagers was modeled to be “los nuevos Jackson 5”, and his first song was a hit. 

That group of children found themselves surrounded by fans and started to enjoy their successes, but Bobby was a nonconformist who decided to launch his account. In his case, moreover, on the whole, it was a question of attitude: he danced, his concerts were a total show and he was able to cast themes after themes. Your album Don’t be cruel was the most sold from 88; ganó 30 million dollars per year. When he met Whitney in 1989, Bobby was a famous guy who had flirted with stars like Janet Jackson or Madonna, he shared the money with his neighbor with the generosity of a millionaire and among his possessions, there was a collection of coaches that included the Rolls Royce and a mansion in Atlanta that had bought it al Rey del porno for 2.2 million dollars.
Bobby’s electrifying energy “was refreshing,” she acknowledges, “because in other respects my life was totally under control. We had a lot of fun. He taught me how to dance and move the caderas”. Nadie went unnoticed that it seemed a mixture as shocking as it would complement. “Whitney and Bobby is the opposite of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers”, writes Lynn Hirschberg in the cited article in Vanity Fair. “Like Ginger, Bobby offers a sexual charge to the pure image of Whitney (Fred), while she adorns him with a touch of class.” I do not want to decide the attraction between the couple in the real world, but if it had consequences beyond the sentimental ones, and all those involved were aware of it. When they got married, that was more patent and furious nevertheless. 
“This wedding is beneficial for él en lo personal”, decía Bobby’s manager. “Pero en lo profesional, we have to minimize it. His image is the young chico malo who is handsome and who moves his chairs, and the chicas are enchanting. You can’t miss it. So you have to keep your private life private. The problem is that it is good for its image of Whitney. Esa es la batalla”. In the end, what happened in his marriage, Whitney’s fame, and his own decadence would devastate Bobby the artist, converted to the majority in “her husband”, something that he would not be able to accept without problems.
Of course, all this solo is just the tip of the iceberg of something much more complex. The life of Bobby and Whitney had to be told on several planes: first, what they wanted to convey at the moment; the second, what was suspected that was passing, and the third, what with the years we have known –the empezado to know– that it really happened. However, history is being rewritten. To begin with, Whitney was not solo and had the seraphic aura of a princess with her being sold al comienzo de su carrera. It was certain that she sang in the church and that she was very involved with the religious life as advertised. It is also clear that he came from a much more problematic world; In her family and her surroundings, drugs were constant, and she started using them for 14 years with her brother Michael. With the passing of the year, this problem would advance until it was destroyed. 
The theme of Whitney’s sentimental life was also established, a case that did not exist in her appearance until her very scrutinized relationship with Brown. Before the young man had had a brief flirt with Jermaine Jackson, Janet’s brother (ex Bobby’s turn), and an intermittent romance with another “chico malo” from the industry, actor Eddie Murphy. Despite what he has denied on occasions that he did come out seriously, several testimonies claim that Whitney was very attached to him and even that he followed when his novice with Bobby was already employed, but the superdetective star in Hollywood was planted On several occasions and only accelerated to be decanted by the cantante. In any case, Brown also continued to come along with his recurrent novia Kim Ward, mother of his second son. They continued to come so much that when Kim got in on the fact that Bobby and Whitney had been promised, he was embarrassed in the new, of two months.

The elephant was found in the dwelling, the persistent rumor since the beginning of her career that she negotiated one and another time and in 2019 we have confirmed the whole: her relationship with another woman, the same Robyn that she quoted her hablar first meeting with Bobby Brown. Robyn Crawford was a constant in Whitney’s life, a mix of assistant, manager, and best friend who was there to raise some eyebrows. “There are persistent rumors that Houston is gay”, decided in Vanity Fair in 92. The documentary Can I Be Me was for much the revelation that that rumor from the past was true, but it was the publication of the book by Robyn A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston that has helped us to understand everything that happened. 

and Robyn became acquainted while working at a community center in New Jersey during the summer of 1980 when the first one was 17 years old and the second 19th. “Our friendship was intimate at all levels”, wrote Robyn, who confirmed that they had also been lovers on a physical plane. “We never use labels such as lesbian or gay. We simply lived our other lives, and hoped that I would be able to continue there forever”. The Houston family never saw Robyn con buenos ojos. Whitney did not need to announce to his mother what was happening to find out what her reaction would be. “I tell myself that his mother was told that it was not natural for the women to be close by. 
But we were very close to each other. Still, many years later, in an interview, they would ask Cissy if the hubier was molested if her husband had been gay, to which she answered “absolutely”, and ensured that the hubier was approved. All of this also occurred in an environment and at a time when homosexuality was frowned upon and heterosexuality was assumed. Robyn and Whitney received the news over the years, just when they signed their contract with Clive Davis in 82. Then she went to their couple’s house, delivered a bible, and explained that they had to stop having sexual relations “because there would be our travel aún more difficult”. Añadió: “if they enter, they will use it against us”.
The sex disappeared from the escape, but in the deep bond that united them. Robyn’s presence beside her singer was explained because she was one of her employees, one of those in charge of carrying out her career from the very beginning, but everyone was aware of the telepathic connection they shared. And the look of Robyn, with her men’s clothes, her love for the swing, and her wild gestures, were them of the stereotype of a bollera. “If they have ever been lovers or not (Houston lo niega), their relationship is fascinating because of its fierce intensity,” writes Lynn Hirschberg. It seems obvious that Whitney was bisexual because he fell in love with men, but it is undeniable that he repressed a part of his naturalness for convenience, obliged by a world and a homophobic industry, and if not for that, his romance with Robyn had been much wider, who knows how much. 
Robyn would have to see, to her pain, how her ex was meeting with hombres before formalizing her status with Bobby Brown, with him who lived with me much more than I could ever see. La antipatia was mutual. I have just pointed out the rumors about lesbianism, Whitney’s bisexuality caused the novice with Brown to stick with something that Bobby himself puts on the table: “Our relationship was doomed from the start. I think we got married for all the wrong reasons”, escribiría él en sus memorias Every Little Step. “Now I do think that Whitney had a different agenda. I believe his agenda was to clean up his image, while his aim was to be loved and have children. The media accused her of having a bisexual relationship with her assistant. In Whitney’s situation, the only solution was to marry and have children. That would put an end to all speculation, that’s what it was”.
The wedding celebrated on the 18th of July, 1992, consisted of an all-over fiestón celebrated in the finca of the house of Whitney in New Jersey. Among the 800 guests, there were illustrious –or not so much– names such as Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight, Gloria Estefan, and Donald Trump. Ella is wearing a white dress with a jacket valued at $40,000, with fleece and an iconic cap; él, a white outfit to play. Every day seemed like a day of absolute happiness, but three hidden elements that would destroy its protagonists were there: drugs, violence, and sexual repression. 
Bobby would write that the first time he saw Whitney he was taking cocaine a few minutes before he walked down the aisle. Robyn would tell that the same morning of the ceremony “Eddie Murphy called Whitney to decide that he was making a mistake, but she followed him”, and secondly, Houston returned from his mother’s moon with a scar of seven centimeters on the side of la face; I said that it was the result of a dashing vase during a fight. A whole metaphor of what that marriage would be: a glamorous facade that tried to hide a world of problems.

But before everything breaks down, Whitney still has to play techo. In December of 92, the guards and the records that they had sprayed were released if they hicied añicos de nuevo. His version of I will always love you by Dolly Parton has become a timeless hit (Saddam Hussein is used in his electoral campaign, following a basic one in any singer contest), the second most popular film of the year, the soundtrack I placed several consecutive numbers 1 and Whitney was still more famous. It broke the mold of what was expected of a black and female star, and with it, increased the pressure that ya ahogaba. His family and work environment knew that that “orchester in the throat” that was once again in charge of reminding him that he was a gift was also a machine for making money. And if Whitney stopped, the jaba machine to produce. 
So it occurred when the star had an abortion running El Guardaespaldas. “It was very painful both emotionally and physically. You are something that hubiera liked me to excel for me. But I didn’t die on the opportunity. Return to the set the next day. It’s over”, she acknowledges, however, in an interview, before adding, “I’ve had Bobbi Kristina the next year and I feel blessed”. In effect, the child was born in March of 93; Whitney’s labor demands made it possible for him to be the priest, Bobby, he who took a step back in his career so that she could continue to triumph, although many would say that they are in the hizo motu proper bell obligated by the very stancamiento of su trayectoria . “Try to belittle me,” Whitney would explain later in a famous interview with Oprah. “Decía “Soy la señora Brown, no me llames la señora Houston, soy la señora Brown”. I believe that somewhere, something happens to a man when his wife achieves so much power and fame”.
In that couple, too many conflicting elements were mixed up at the same time. The rumors about the sexual orientation of the singer did not disappear with the wedding and the birth of Bobbi Kristina. “I’m not lesbian. Soy madre, wife, hija, lesbian no soy. This title does not belong to me”, she would continue to use in interviews. Bobby would always suspect that between Robyn and his wife there was still something (something denied by the first one), besides stating that Whitney had adventures with other producers and artists, even though the name of one solo was also dead and could not confirm the denial. , Tupac Shakur. On the other hand, he was unfaithful on multiple occasions, as he acknowledged in this book: “Las mujeres siempre te echan encima. I’m only human, so you sometimes bite the anzuelo and make mistakes. Dejaba that testosterone takes charge”.
If Whitney was fond of the bland drugs before the release of El Guardaespaldas, luego la cosa, en su palabras, “it was worse. During (the running of) La mujer del predicador, consumption was daily. Iba to work but then consumed daily. During one year or two. It was not happy at all”. In this book, Robyn acknowledges that addition to cocaine was shared with her: “Whitney solía decides “the cocaine cannot go where we are yendoing”. But still on the estabamos lists for disposal”. So it seemed innocent and unproblematic, something that everyone did, but today he re-examines those days to the tenor of what they conducted, in the case of his friend at least, and finds those fiestas and anecdotes of local nights no eran tan graceful as le parecían entonces.
So much so, that in 2000, when Robyn started to find pots that had been burned around the house, she forced her friend to help her rehabilitation. No hizo, y Robyn la abandonó. In the past few years, the artist had an interview with Diane Sawyer that would instantly become part of her legend. In front of the journalist, he confirmed that he had used drugs but denied doing it with a very concrete thing, crack: “Let’s make a clear thing: crack is cheap. Too much dinero like to consume crack. We do not consume and are. Crack is whack (the crack is a shit)”. 
The phrase became an instant meme, parodied by humorists and comics, and spent a reasonable fortune in popular culture, which illustrates quite clearly how to make additions and upheavals of this type by the majority of people: how a joke, in the best case. Since then, the surroundings were not the most favorable, as to see that what was happening was not normal. Her husband was detained con certa frecuencia for possession of narcotics. Even in his biography, he says that he had never used cocaine until he knew Whitney and that he had never been drugged before Bobbi Kristina (some readers lo ponen en duda), he explains that he cooked crack and snorted heroin in the kitchen of the family home. It also includes the testimony of her daughter La’Princia, who would say she had seen Whitney smoking marihuana with her daughter, and Nick Gordon, a teenager who had been snuggled up in a coach.
The violence of Robyn that had seen the first sign on the moon of my son was also constant in marital life, and the people ended up having the constancy of it. “While they stayed on vacation in the Italian island of Capri, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown wanted to go to the hospital,” writes Diego Feijoo. “The paparazzi photographed her with a sale on the face after receiving 2 points for a cut on the mejilla. Whitney told the doctors that he had cut himself while swimming while hitting a rock. 
His representative says that the singer got shaken while eating and cut with a plate that broke. The media abandoned to understand that the court was the result of her husband’s bad treatment”. As had happened in the case of Tina Turner 20 years earlier, gender violence was not considered a problem more than a “domestic altercation”, and even though it was carried out by Afro-Americans, it had less importance, as it was a cultural question, “something that black people do”. 
Her own Whitney recounted that the blows were mutual and she always blamed her husband in this regard, coming forward to support him whenever he had to face justice for these types of episodes. “Empezó an escapism”, he would tell in an interview. “Mi hija was going down the ladders and lo vio. It was pretty intense because yo never grew up with it. I put myself against the wall, I want to grab and yo estaba al teléfono. Cogi the telephone and if it launches the head. If cayó al suelo, hubo sangre… all was very dramatic, mi hija bajaba las escaleras shouting “¡Papa!”.
During the 90s and 2000, Whitney was one of the most famous women in the world, as the scrutiny of fans and the press still added more pressure to a situation that many found unhealthy. “When people camp under your house with cameras and too much”, she would ask. “Cuando siguen a tus hijos al colegio. Ahi e cuando you know you are too much. You want to fight. You are intrusive, disrespectful and rude”. With previous tales, it was a surprise that the singer agreed to participate in a reality show that her husband, with a career in very low hours, had decided to star in. Being Bobby Brown, premiered in 2005, I ended up having a disastrous public relations exercise that produced a transcendental change in the perception that people had of that couple. 
He fell as an egocentric artist, enamored of seismism, with serious problems with alcohol, and an imagined, glamorous and sophisticated life that was supposed to appear as a cute, decadent thing, an object of jokes without any pity. The couple argued in front of the cameras, making it clear that no respect had been had and any sign of dignity on its part of Whitney was gone. For her, it was devastating. Muchos cayeron in the account that the unpolluted and aseptic singing that had been sold at the beginning of his career had never existed in reality. That it was a lot more trash and there was a lot of this “ghetto basura” that the mainstream despised, apart from being in its bad hours. “The true Whitney Houston”, writes Juan Sanguino in Vanity Fair, “it is there that in 1991, from the room of his hotel in La Coruña, he shouted to his assistant in the street to dress a fried chicken. a five-star hotel with a shelter with skin that imitates Shaft. She recreates with her husband a scene from the film Tina in which Ike Turner sees his wife in a cafeteria, restoring pastel by her face”.
Maybe Being Bobby Brown, because he had to play the fund publicly, he served to give himself account of something. If she refused to come out in the second season, she tried to prevent the program from being published on DVD and, in the end, she asked for her husband’s divorce in 2006. According to her, she was aware that she was taking drugs and she discovered being unfaithful. What could have been the beginning of a new life never ended up being entirely. Surrounded by mouths to feed and who claimed the star (her own priest had sued her a few years ago for 100 million dollars), for her contract with the record label that had lost a record for grabar, which would end up being the last one. I look to you salió in 2009, presented as the triumphal return of a prodigious voice. In a legendary interview with Oprah for the reason of the launch, Whitney admitted to having smoked marihuana mixed with cocaine, and to smoking after days closed in his home on the phone and drugged.
Perhaps speaking of ello en pasado in the era of everything exact. With the record, Whitney embarked on a world tour, the first one in ten years, in the one that was presented in the scenarios in such a bad state, trembling and sweaty, that many fans reacted with abucheos. His former friend and manager Robyn writes: “When I heard that it was spinning and squinting, I suppose it shouldn’t be doing something like that. It is not in good shape to do it”. The Internet was filled with videos with Whitney’s voice, and this “regalo de Dios”, broke itself incapable of reaching the high notes that it reached in its times without difficulty. Some of them reproached to lose that incredible instrument suyo, as if in reality the hubiese never belonged to her bell of the world, and the press was echoed by the criticisms, more muzzles with also a delight. 
“The concert was risible”, decía an assistant in Australia. “It could not entertain a dead rat”, affirmed the other. Not everyone thought: “We do not say that there was so much beauty in seeing it trying to sing in 2010 as in seeing it reaching the highest octave of I will always love you in 1992”, writes María Garrido in Vanity Fair, “Solo that it was a distinct beauty, lacking something much more human than that miraculous voice: la honestidad. Because, when helpless, sick and fragile as the ground, it could be someone who had completely lost control of his life and decided to go up to a new stage, perhaps he would no longer be that star of the song full of technical virtues, but in exchange, if it turned into a persona to quien on it mattered to discover that it had been abandoned even by su don”.
That decadence was an object of more consumption, tabloid meat that went on selling, not for starters, but morbid news that added to its thinness its careless appearance. A lot of them predicted that Whitney was going to end badly, when she died on February 11, 2012, the shock of the world was huge. They found it in the Beverly Hills hotel room in the room that was housed while he was getting ready to perform at the Grammys. The circumstances, in the Spanish case, were very similar to another fallen star, Carmina Ordóñez. Both were found dead in the bath, a concept that presumably started to be regurgitated by the popular language to express surprise at something. “Me he fell dead in the bath”, even said La Veneno, another idol who would leave prematurely. The causes in the Houston case were defined as an accidental death due to the effects of an atherosclerotic illness and cocaine use. Nadie could decide that he hadn’t seen it coming.

Just now we are starting to unravel Whitney’s enigma, a persona that your personaje ended up devouring, a metaphor for so many things -the toxic environments that haunt you even if you are rich, the dangers of fame, the homophobia that represses you to be true , the destructive power of the media – that we sometimes forget that there was a real change behind. Los recientes documentales Can I be me? y Whitney has shed light on the most unknown aspects of his life. The latter, from HBO, reported that in addition, Whitney had suffered sexual abuse from a girl on the part of a woman, her cousin Dee Dee Warwick. They were his ex Mary Jones and his sister-in-law/ex-manager/executive producer Pat Houston they were assured, and his brother Gary confirmed it by saying that it had also occurred between 7 and 9 years. Without embargo Robyn Crawford, in her biography, denies it: “If there is something true, and only it would be known”.

 “Contrary to what has been said, Whitney loved Dee Dee. Talk a lot with your cousin and keep a lot of streaks with the Warwick family before even being famous”. These kinds of disagreements about Whitney are not extraneous, because it can be decided that there is a buried war between the family and, at least, all of them. Robyn, who the brothers and mother of Nippy could never see, has been calling for many years to give her version, where Houston and allegations in the fall bien stopped. After the death of the singer, he asked his then-agent, who was no other than his sister-in-law Pat Houston, because he had left the tour while still having difficulties. “Ella answered me: “Because she and her child would settle down in the called,” writes. “Y mi answer was: Are you what you say to her?”. In his biography, Bobby Brown also shoots at his former political family, accusing them of seeming like the film despite his drug problems, and his problems with his brothers being responsible for ello casi as much as Whitney.
Bobby was about to get married months before the death of the singer to his manager and mother of his sons, Alicia Etheredge, with whom he would have the other more, summing up a total of vast arrays. Also, 2012 is his last album. Despite the fact that he was the most successful artist in his scene, Bobby’s name is always linked to Whitney, and he lives in his shadow. The bad reputation he fed, supported by countless arrests for driving youngsters or violating parole, seems tired. In his biography, he declares: “Al principio, cement my reputation as “el chico malo del r&b”. Y worked. For a long time, for 30 years, la embrace. It was fun to do when I was young and dizzy. But now the label seems too one-dimensional”. In the case of Whitney, however, what happened has not managed to opaque his enormous talent and brilliant musical career.
The story of Whitney and Bobby ended up having a colophon which is nevertheless more tragic and absurd. After the death of the star, I assume that Bobbi Kristina, and Kristi, the daughter of both, had a romance with their adoptive brother Nick Gordon. Nick had been adopted –not legally– for 12 years by Whitney when his priest was imprisoned and his mother, La Cantante’s former friend, declared that she could not take care of him. 
The young man had lived under the same conditions as Bobbi, who was then 8 years old, until a relationship in principle fraternal became something worse. Even though there was no blood bond, the incest taboo was still there, so the transgression of seeing them together turned them into a shocking, scandalous and nasty couple. Llegaron announced that they had been married in the year 2014, something that was later denied by the family. In her abuela Ciccy her aunt Pat Houston, with her whom Kristi lived after the death of her mother, approved of the romance. Presumably, the masses were participants in the intimacy of the entire circle because they could witness it through the reality show The Houstons: On Our Own. 
In the first episode, Bobbi announced her love for her until then “Hermano”. Ciccy and Pat criticized Kristi’s decision to appear on a reality show just three months after her mother’s death, but they participated in it, just like other family members and the result was grotesque. The young man who, at only 19 years old, had lost his mother, set out to record a program in which his duel, his mistakes, and mistakes, had been recorded forever. The overexposure against the one that Whitney used to fight – and the one that was willing to participate – in repeated su hija. If the public had been tuned in to Being Bobby Brown because they knew it was the lowest point of marriage and wanted to enjoy the carnage and withdraw from it the time they were horrified by its decadence in a morbid exercise, the tragic end of all that was done aware that more than entertaining, it was unpleasant to dry.
 “There are things that should not be documented”, was the general criticism of the program. The family of the dead star appeared as a group of dysfunctional vampires who didn’t really care for the young Kristi. If she came to drink alcohol frequently, and in certain episodes, some spectators assured her that she appeared drugged. However, the worst was unfinished. On January 31, 2015, Bobbi Kristina was found unconscious in the bathroom of her house, in a scene on the sidewalk at the end of her mother’s where the Greek tragedy was written. After spending six months in hospital and in a coma, she died on the 26th of July, with only 22 years.
Frantic speculation about the responsibility of Nick Gordon in the fall was unleashed; Bobbi is said to have had blows and bruises, and there was physical abuse. Bobby Brown seemed convinced of its implication and so declared it to the media. On Dr. Phil’s TV show, Gordon said that it was unusual for Bobbi to get into the bath because he had feared it since it had happened to her mother, and in an unexpected revelation, he told her that she was in the night before.
Whitney’s death had been Bobby too, she who had drunk so much that she fell asleep inside the bath until her mother met her. In 2016, Gordon was ordered to pay 36 million dollars to his novia’s family for negligence. He was accused of having served the young person a “toxic cocktail” of cannabis, alcohol, morphine, cocaine, and medication to treat anxiety and of having fallen unconscious in the bath. And wait, that there was still more: after being bad news several times due to reports of violence on the part of his novia, on the 1st of 2020 Nick Gordon died of an overdose. I was 30 years old. The end of an American tragedy.
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