Causes of miscarriage : Tip to Avoid it

Causes of miscarriage : Tip to Avoid it
Causes of miscarriage : Tip to Avoid it

Causes of miscarriage : Tip to Avoid it

Causes of miscarriage Tip to Avoid it, one of the saddest situations is to find out that you have lost your baby because due to the causes of miscarriage. The feeling of helplessness that comes with it can be so overwhelming and painful, especially because most often there’s nothing you can do about it

Miscarriage: Causes and Tips to Avoid It

Miscarriage, or losing a pregnancy before 20 weeks, happens in about 15% of all pregnancies and can be extremely painful and emotionally devastating. Women who have already miscarried due to the  Causes of miscarriage have 2-3 times higher risk of miscarriage in their next pregnancy than women without such experience. Every woman’s body has its own way of working, so you might be wondering what actually the causes of miscarriage and whether there are any ways to avoid it in the future? The answer to both these questions is yes, but before we discuss them let’s make sure we understand whats the cause of miscarriages are and when they occur.

What is a miscarriage?

A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy during the first 24 weeks. The main symptom of a miscarriage is vaginal bleeding, which may be accompanied by cramping, pain, or tissue passing through the vagina. About 25% of recognized pregnancies end in miscarriage, but the actual number is likely higher because many causes of miscarriages occur before a woman even knows she is pregnant. While the cause of miscarriage is often unknown, there are some known risk factors that can increase your chances of miscarrying or the Causes of miscarriages

  • These include

The reasons behind miscarriages

A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks. Though it’s common — happening in 10 to 20 percent of known pregnancies — it can be a very emotionally difficult experience. 

There are many possible causes of miscarriages, but the most common include: 

  •  chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo,

Steps to help you prevent the Causes of miscarriage

  1. If you’re trying to conceive, get regular checkups and take prenatal vitamins E
  2. Eat a healthy diet and avoid smoking, drugs, and alcohol. 
  3. Be aware of your mental health and stress levels. Try to manage stress with relaxation techniques like yoga or meditation.
  4. Get regular exercise but don’t overdo it. 
  5. Keep your weight in a healthy range. 
  6. If you have any chronic health conditions, make sure they’re being managed properly.
  7. If you have any questions or concerns, talk to your doctor

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