Center of the home- why some home fail

Center of the home- why some home fail

Center of the home why some home fail

Self centered people has never created a happy home,their immature personalities speaks for them .

Some one who is seriously selfish has no room to accommodate peace, or a grownup mindset.

Immature people are undeveloped adolescent, not classified in any way.

He always want things is own way, regardless of  what other people wants or think about that thing .

He is always like ” what i want is what I get “”what I want is what you accept”, altitudes like this can never build a happy home not to talk less of community.

The youths should have this in mind when finally deciding to consider settling down in life .

It is not a wide decision to get married to a selfish person for the chance of thinking , I am going change him or her once we are together, I bet you the chance of changing someone is very slim , the possibility is low.

This is the reason a lot of matrimonial homes endure under huge stress or at the end separates ,those who truly involved with themselves are not self center.

They are ready to apply a lot more in solving any issues that comes in between them.

Jealousy should not be given a room to our home, because it has no room, jealous people are insecure, they are never certain about their self.

If you want to build a happy home , dont build it with a person whose emotional feelings get hurt easily.

Solid foundation can see only be build in a happy person , because a happy person brings a happy home and a happy mindset endures.

The true center of most home depends on the mother, that’s her position, the home keeper ,position that can not be over take.

Her ideas , tastes,desire, like the mother birds, influenced all the activities of the home.

The source of a happy family is basically centered on a happy mother mindset, if she is kind hearted it goes a lot way in contributing to the happiness of the family.

Her kind cultured will reflect in her home with her meek mindset , making it possible for the children to follow the right path.

But if she is clueless, ignorant and careless it will quickly show in the home ,because her poor attitude or lack of home training will effect everything around her.

Education is the key , and very important when it comes to matrimonial matters,it is very important if one has to succeed in life .

The world depends on the woman most especially when it comes to taking care of the children mostly, is not that the father didnt have to partake in taking care of the children ,but the mother plan more rule.

The success of a nation depends on the up keeping of the children, because they are the leader of tomorrow , so if they are not well brought up , it will effect the society in a be way or the other.

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