Complete overweight vs obesity insights

Complete overweight vs obesity insights

We are going to discuss obesity today, I’m a little chubby today, and when I have to worry about being overweight because I can develop obesity If I am obese.

What do I do to affect my daily life, I lose years of life suffering from obesity, all these doubts we are going to solve in the following article today.

Complete overweight vs obesity insights

First of all, to differentiate overweight from obesity, in other words, “overweight vs obesity” if you go to your doctor is going to ask you for two values, height and weight these are fundamental things as regarding obesity, with this fundamental calculation, we can make a simple and easy estimation.

What is the weight divided by the height squared?  once you get that you can do any table from the internet.

We’re going to get a number, that number is the body mass index IMC, that number is included within some values, the values are going to oscillate from thin normal weight to overweight and “three types of obesitytype 1 and type 2 where we already have to start, be aware and type 3 which are super obese.

Obesity morbid, consult with your doctor because depending on where you are you can to be overweight

Complete overweight vs obesity insights

So you already have to be alert but if your inside obesity which you’ll have to start is a much more intensive treatment which said that there is no need be too fat to be obese if you’re just a short size with little extra weight you have can get in within the margins of obesity so that you don’t have to weigh more than 100 kilos as it sounds out there.

It’s not that I get to 100 I’m not, no you have to calculate it in relation to your size and why overweight occurs and obesity.

It’s very important that overweight and child obesity be controlled very well, the overweight rates of our children should also be kept in rank, do not give the children as much as they like, try to put them on that diet consult with your pediatrician.

Because if you don’t control the way they eat when they are young you’ll be taking a lot of trouble in their adulthood and there are a lot of people who don’t give importance to this.

It’s a good thing that either for a time or in the long run the obesity is going to produce a syndrome metabolic which as a result can cause high blood pressure, diabetes which you’ll end up resulting to sometime else.

Because this can carry a backpack with many kilos that have the possibility of moving from one area to another plus all the alterations hormones that they produce in the body obesity.

Is it’s true that a slight overweight on top of 65 can prevent or can alter or improve some parameters of the lives of our elders? but it’s a Slight overweight, i.e. two or three kilos above the normal weight in the rest of the cases both overweight and obesity are going to produce loss of years of life in adulthood.

Now if at this point you are already overweight and in the range closed to obesity, What will you do? the first thing is to seek help, is easy today to follow any of the diets online, there are miracle diets online where you can find tips on how to lose weight quickly in a few days.

Complete overweight vs obesity insights

The final decision is to determine the following reducing weights instructions basically by removing water and putting the patient in other problems, usually liver and kidney problems because of consumption of various substances that goes against proper diets.

When this problem occurs what to do first comes into play like any other disease because this disease can only be resolved with the help of a specialist if you have confidence in your doctor.

More specifically, to resolve these issues talk to your doctor  he’s going to recommend medications

Diet is the basis of obesity, if you get fatter because you eat more and besides the bad quality of eating is not the same as eating grilled steak or eating fried steak with chips.

The quantity is the same but the quality is different so that the first thing to diet,the second thing is to get some exercise,you have to take a tracksuit for pleasure, go for a run and avoid sugar drinks.

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