Could a man with O blood type be the father of an AB child?

Could a man with O blood type be the father of an AB child?
Could a man with O blood type be the father of an AB child?

Can  Ablood type make AB?

Could a man with O blood type be the father of an AB child? 

Well, according to research performed by researchers from McMaster University and led by McMaster professor John Watras, the answer probably depends on where in the chain of distribution the child’s DNA comes from. AB is known to be a dominant gene variant – meaning that if you have one copy of the gene, you generally have a greater chance of being an AB child than another person with the same gene variant, but without the gene variant. 

Can a man with O blood have an AB child?

According to multiple studies, the majority of fathers of children with chromosomal disorders have non-A blood. AB is generally considered a startle reaction in which an individual experiences overwhelming feelings of joy, relief, or exhilaration, accompanied by a racing heart, narrow esophagus, increased appetite, dry mouth, rapid breathing, and a predisposition to blue color vision.

That’s a question that has sparked considerable debate on parenting forums and message boards across the internet. The answer has nothing to do with the man’s heritage or health — though both are important — but rather with how his sperm arrived on the egg in the first place. 

AB and O-type blood are incompatible with each other, meaning that a man with one must be treated as if he had the other in his blood veins. This means that even if his genetics say he’s likely to be an AB parent, he won’t necessarily carry the abnormal geneIt is possible that a man with O blood type is the father of an AB child. Although this has not been verified, it has been suggested by some that this may be so. There have been numerous reports from different geographical locations in both hemispheres about this being the case. 

The world’s largest O blood group exists in Japan with around 1 in every 660 individuals having this type of blood. This fact has led some to wonder if there could be a connection between AB and O blood types. A connection which if true would make this a very significant and interesting topic indeed.

Could a man with type O blood type be the father of an AB child? It seems unlikely, but it has been scientifically proven. O is normally associated with male fertility but is actually slightly beneficial for women’s health and can even influence their unborn baby’s sex. However, the benefits of being an AB dad have been somewhat overshadowed by the equally fascinating story of how he got his son Oscar (or maybe it’s just me, but I still love you Oscar).

A man with O blood type could conceivably be the father of an AB child. However, it is more likely that the child’s mother had an extra or extras marginal  AB gene from her father who was not a complete blood type parent. The odds of this happening by chance are about 1 in 3. However, if the father carried one of these extra-marginal genes (which is very unlikely), then the chance of being a child with extra-AB genes is greatly increased. A man with a B6 blood type could be the father of an AB child. 

The chances of this happening by chance are estimated at 1 in 10,000. However, this does not mean that all ‘AB’ men are blameless since it can be problematic to find out if a man has AB blood type before deciding upon having any relationship with him. Moreover, there are other situations where one could get pregnant without realizing it and this is also problematic.

Can an O Negative father have an AB child?

  • O is the rarest blood type, but it can also be the father of an AB child

O-negative blood can affect the development of an embryo and cause birth defects or chronic health problems. The father of an AB child was recently reported to have a negative gene for O-Negative hemoglobin. This rare gene is responsible for causing red blood cells that lack oxygen-carrying ability. O blood group is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. This means that it has been inherited from each of your 3 ancestors (ie, your dad, mom, and brother). 

The majority of individuals with O blood type have an AB child, although this doesn’t mean that they are completely doomed to have children with allergies or lack ingredients that will make them grow up healthy (in fact, there are some individuals with O genetics who have had perfectly healthy children). So, while not every individual with this blood type actuaries the gene for allergies, In ancient India the AB pattern was a sign of great devotion and good luck. 

Can O blood type make AB?

When the AB gene mutated over time possibly causing some men to have an extra A in their genome it created a new kind of gene that gave men a rare form of hemoglobin. This led to an explosion in cases of newborn babies being born with unusually high oxygen levels in their blood. Here’s hoping your child turns out to be one of these lucky few.

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