Data Shade Review

Data Shade Review
Data Shade Review

Data Shade

Data Shade is a global leader in mobile advertising.  We work with some of the world’s most recognized brands, and our clients rely on our expertise to create powerful mobile experiences across a variety of devices.  We help small businesses gain a competitive advantage in their local markets and are recognized innovators in mobile marketing.

We’re entering a golden age of data. Future consumers are perfectly equipped to consume information, make decisions and generate recommendations all while being powered by data. 

This is especially true for those of us who rely on data for our livelihoods.  Data Shade is a company dedicated to bringing consumers the highest quality data while empowering them with decision-making tools. 

Data is the new oil

Imagine how much better your life would be if you had access to refined data about how the market was doing, or how your competitors were doing, or even the latest insights from your favorite companies and brands? Disparities in access to credit can lead to economic disadvantages for communities and individuals. 

This is particularly true in the United States where people of color, the poor, and the elderly are less likely to have credit accounts.  Data Shade is a neutral ground initiative created by journalists and Data editors. We are working to improve economic opportunity through data exploration and visualization.  Our vision is a fairer, more effective financial system where everyone has access to tools to understand their own financial health.

Data shade, a new feature from Square, gives you information on your transactions and balances in real-time.  It shows you the average cost of a movie ticket, for example, with necessary discounts and offers automatically applied. You can see your spending patterns in real-time and easily apply discounts that save you money each month.  You can even set spending limits — or stop yourself from spending more than you can afford — and get an alert whenever your limit is reached.

Data Shade Review

Data Shade Review

Data Shade is an analysis of online activity that gives you insights into your buying habits and preferences.  We collect and analyse information about your online activities, then combine that information with behavioural economics and behavioral science to produce insights into which products and services you’re most likely to recommend to others.  This gives us a better understanding of what makes individuals buy certain products, what actions affect their purchases, and how trends across various product categories affect overall spending.

The abundance of data available about consumer behavior has made it possible for companies to craft personalization campaigns that work.  This has made our personal information a valuable commodity in the marketing world—and increasingly so in the months leading up to a big purchase.    Data Shade provides tools for analyzing and visualizing your data, making informed decisions about it, and sending relevant messages based on your interests and behavior. Find the data you need with Data Shade, our free mobile app for analyzing data and searching for insights. 

Data Shade allows you to search for any pair of individuals—friend or foe—and discover common ground and discover gaps in knowledge.  By uncovering hidden relationships and sources of bias, you can make smarter, more informed decisions in your day-to-day life.

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