DIY : Cucumber Face Mask Recipe At Home

DIY : Cucumber Home Mask  Recipe At Home

Today I’m gonna show you guys a very simple beauty recipe  the do-it-yourself cucumber mask.

it’s something that I grew up doing with my mother after we had a long day out in the Sun.

cucumbers are known to lighten skin and have a soothing effect.

STEP 1: put your cucumber in the refrigerator once your cucumber is cool cut off one end of it grab your mandolin and thinly slice that cucumber no need to rush keep a steady motion and create even slices if you don’t have a mandolin you can also use a knife try your best to slice the cucumber thinly and evenly we want the pieces to be thin enough so that they’re flexible.

STEP 2: You are going to be  placing these slices on your face so they should easily conform to your curves if you’re using a long and thick cucumber you might only need to slice 1/3 of it if you’re using a small cucumber potentially slice all of it.

STEP 3 : After you slice your cucumber remove your makeup and wash your face if you decide to take a shower instead place your slices into a container and refrigerate it once your face is clean and ready hit the cucumber slices and put it on your face one by one, I like to start from top to bottom this way if the juices from the cucumber drip down you have some time to clean it off before it gets to your neck did you cover your whole face with cucumber slices.

STEP 3 : what do you do with the leftovers save it for a salad later or maybe for another facial Marks

Usually like to keep my cucumber mask on for about 30 minutes you can lie down and read a book or you can put cucumbers on your eyes to reduce dark circles and puffiness close your eyes and relax .

what a great opportunity to meditate after half an hour remove the cucumber slices does your skin feel smooth and moisturized

The last step is to put on your toner and lotion I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial it could be a fun bonding activity to do with family and friends doesn’t matter if you’re a boy or a girl cucumbers don’t discriminate, you can cut apply to friends face base in agreement.

So cut up cucumbers and we put it on each other’s faces as we cool down don’t underestimate cucumbers one cucumber can lead to a golden memory.

Try this cucumber mask a couple times and see if your skin lines up now everyone’s skin is little different and results may vary and at the very least I hope you guys have a very relaxing time as you do your cucumber mask see you guys in my next article , thanks for reading , and font for forget to hit the subscription button on top my blog. Bye  for now until we see in my next article.

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