DIY: Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies

DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies

A lot of people around the world thinks when you have hangover you’re drunk? Follow the list of our Hangover Home Remedies below to get rid of hangover

 If I was drunk yesterday and feeling weak does that mean I am drunk? whether you call it  hangover or a wine flu.

Waking up after a night of drinking can be rough yes and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten hangover remedies just hangover remedy.

I know five minutes with your feet over your head followed by a three miles jog and a quick swim in the ocean it’s better than coffee and aspirin.

you want coffee and Ashman for this list?
we’re looking at the most popular things people do the morning after a night of heavy drinking to relieve their queasy stomachs pounding headaches and general sense of deal.

And please remember this article  is for tutorial purposes.

The list are follows below

NUMBER 10 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
Sleep up an item let’s do this, a night out drinking can significantly impact your sleeping habits as most people don’t get home till early the morning after their head really hurts.

Let’s just speed this along while alcohol will cause you to fall asleep almost instantly, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good night’s sleep, in fact drinking alcohol before bed limits your REM sleep which is thought to be the most recuperative phase of the sleep cycle.

Sleep deprivation can make you feel much worse in the morning and intensify your hangover symptoms, what are we doing in this business I sleep your loss I can nail you.

Are you still drunk if you have the option to stay in bed and sleep the day away do it guaranteed you’ll feel much less irritable tired and gross overall.

NUMBER 9 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies coffee for coffee addicts the side effects of a day without a cup of Joe in the morning can almost equal the symptoms of a hangover.

coffee can be a mixed bag however and it usually comes down to your personal coffee drinking habits whether or not it will cure a hangover as caffeine can act as either a cure or a cause of headaches if you need it in the morning and not having that coffee is going to make you feel even worse then you should go with it.

But remember coffee also dehydrators if you do decide to drink it the morning after try water with it.

caffeine can cause dehydration which happens to be the last thing you need when you are hungover ventii is no Fendii.

NUMBER 8 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
A light exercise can see the alcohol coming out sorry I was I know that’s not possible what’s the last thing a person wants to do when they’re hungover? Hun ?besides going to work is most likely an exercise okay.

I’m totally cool well we aren’t suggesting putting in a full day at the gym a little light exercise can cause a healthy release of endorphins and help remove harmful toxins from your body ideally you won’t have a hangover.

But this is the workout to do, what you do it’s designed to just sweat it up and make you feel better, light exercise can take the form of a short jog gardening or even a little fun in the bedroom while there is no proof that says sex helps eliminate a hangover doesn’t hurt to try sex should be the last thing on your mind,but whatever you do stay hydrated

NUMBER 7 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
Soup my drink that’s consumed eat some  rice and eat some seafood and now I feel amazing it could be argued that soup is alcohols antithesis it provides sodium water and other nutrients that alcohol depletes and since it can be salty you will likely double down on the h2o which is an added rehydration bonus.

Soup can also help with digestion and settle down your stomach if you’re feeling nauseous after a night of heavy drinking which is beneficial to people who may find it too difficult on their stomachs to eat a meal a bowl of chicken.

Noodle soup can go a long way to helping you feel back to normal cutting noodles with your spoon and try to get them in your face without burning your chin

NUMBER 6 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
marijuana you know the best thing for hangover is weed you smoke news one week to start we want to be clear we are not promoting drug.

use what we are saying is we all have that one friend who swears pot is the best cure for a hangover while marijuana isn’t a magical hangover antidote it can definitely make you more tolerant of the symptoms including a headache and feelings of nausea.

it might also give you the munchies and eating will likely make you feel better get some sour cream and onion chips with some dip man some beef jerky some peanut butter get some haagen-dazs ice cream bars all out of hot make sure chocolate gotta have chocolate man.

For people who have never smoked weed however we recommend not trying this remedy as being high for the first time could make things worse we’re on bed rest I think we are children this is my side some are scarier.

NUMBER 5 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
The hair of the dog mix drink almost every doctor would advise against this strategy really the only cure for a hangover is to prevent it.

In the first place couple pointers drink in moderation but there’s no question that drinking more alcohol will help lessen the symptoms of your hangover at first while your symptoms may be lessening you are actually making the situation worse because you’re forcing your liver to break down even more alcohol essentially you are delaying your hangover and you’re more than likely setting yourself up for a much more brutal one later.

On the headache went away but I still feel sick and the taste of this beer is the worst thing in the entire world right now still some people are more than willing to take that risk for the satisfaction of instant relief pair the dog and if you are interested in testing this one a Bloody Mary is a good choice because it’s got some vitamins and minerals in there with the booze what’ll it be so hair the dog mix drink  that bit me bourbon on the rocks I don’t do

NUMBER 4 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
Pills make you look like shit, what do most people do when they have a headache or feel sick they take pills specifically painkillers if you are still functional when you get home from the bar you can try taking painkillers before you fall asleep and again when you wake up however be careful Tylenol or other acetaminophen products are harsh on your liver which is already working harder than usual to metabolize all the alcohol you drank the night before while aspirin type pills can cause stomach bleeding if you want something a little more natural vitamin supplements like b6 and b12 can also help make you feel better if you do use it because it makes you feel better just go with a couple of them don’t overdo it

NUMBER 3 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
sports drinks yeah Gatorade me bitch dehydration caused by alcohol is essentially what causes your hangover thus it’s important to drink as many fluids as possible the following day to help rehydrate your body sports drinks like Gatorade are a popular choice because they help replenish your body with electrolytes that it may have lost thanks to the diuretic effect of alcohol when you’re still a little drunk this morning stocking your fridge with Gatorade before you go out to the bar may save you a ton of pain in the morning Gatorade not only quenches your thirst better it tastes better too idiot yeah you’re drinking the wrong water

NUMBER 2 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies
a greasy breakfast you need to embrace the fact that your hangover after the first fight while some people say you should eat a heavy meal before you go out drinking mainly because fatty foods help slow the absorption of alcohol sometimes a greasy breakfast is all you need to get back on track the following day if you can handle the smell eggs contain cysteine an amino acid which is required in the breakdown of alcohol to acetate loading up on eggs toast and bacon should help calm your stomach down while research doesn’t support greasy food as a cure for a hangover sometimes satisfying your appetite is all you need to get the day started.

NUMBER 1 : DIY Top 10 Hangover Home Remedies pick here are a few honorable mentions Mamamia, do you need alka-seltzer alka-seltzer? can this unstuff you relieve the acid indigestion and help make you your old self again? those guys know that damn idea.

you’re gonna be there right goodbye hey make sure you don’t do against this but it’s a done deal.

Number one water, I had about four margaritas six screwdrivers and I tried to combat that with about three or four bottles of water if we’ve set it once on this list we’ve set it ten times hydration is key to curing your hangover.

Woes I’ve got it on the wrong speed for those of you who are recovering from a hangover that’s gonna sound just right one thing you may notice when you start pounding back the drinks is how many times you need to use the bathroom.

alcohol causes dehydration which is one of the main reasons why you feel so terrible in the morning with less water in your body your other organs start to steal it from the brain causing it to literally shrink which causes headaches ideally.

You should drink water throughout the night and have at least a full glass or two of water before going to bed .

this will help minimize the symptoms of a hangover in the morning keep that water close however because if you do wake up feeling awful it is the best remedy available to kick your hangover to the curb .

don’t you know the poem water  water everywhere so let’s all have a drink do you agree with our list Numbers? Well !!! this is good I want to make a toast , so what’s your favorite hangover remedy? that sounds like you actually have something to say ,please leave a comment about what you think about the list .

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