Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

This time, we tried to make effective use of turkey (turkey) spicy turkey .

Spicy  Turkey

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

”I’m going to eat turkey because I’m going to eat it! I’ll give you a lot of souvenirs,” she said to her relatives on Christmas Eve.Lolz 

Truly a turkey! Unlike “chicken“, is quite big! ! It’s 6kg.

I couldn’t eat all day as long as is spicy when I ate it with 6 adults (+ 1 infant).

“If you like, you can bring as much as you can,” he said. Everything is different from “chicken”, “turkey” seems to have little use because the body is crispy.

One of the thighs and the shaved body were given as a souvenir.

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

Even so, I thought it was a lot, and when I measured it, it weighed about 1.3kg even when the weight of the container was subtracted!

Well, how to reuse this. 

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

I’m a real turkey, a turkey is big but quiet bird. Depending on your mood, the color of your face and the decoration on your nose change, so it’s called “turkey.”  Britain, the United States and Canada, often call for Thanksgiving and Christmas with turkey

Even if you googled “Amazing Turkey Recipes” in Nigeria, Turkey = “chicken” for some reason, even though there were many such “chicken” recipes, there were not many “spicy turkey recipes” .

There are only a few articles on the blogs of people living abroad who struggle with the use of turkey.

Turkey Reuse 1 Sandwich

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

According to a blog from overseas residents, the standard way to eat turkey is to sandwich it between bread and eat it.

The next morning, my turkey was put on top of the cabbage slices and covered with mayonnaise.

The taste is … like the sandwich (?) That you often buy at a foreign airport or wait and eat in a restaurant.

Because turkeys have a unique taste, using them as they are will result in a unique turkey sandwich (obviously).

This is delicious.

Turkey Reuse 2 Yakitori Don

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

I made a Japanese-style sweet sauce, pickled it, put it on rice and perilla, and made it into a Yakitori bowl lunch.

At lunch time, I was afraid to eat at work, and it was surprisingly delicious!

Yakitori bowl! !

After all, the most important thing is to add sauce.

Turkey Reuse 3 Bung Bungy

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

After all, I realized that sauce was important …

Make bun bungee. However, it is a simple dish just to saute the turkey.

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

This is a jackpot recipe ! It was very delicious! !

For the recipe of bambun bunji sauce, i tried to refer to the recipe of stick stick chicken published on a popular food blog many years ago,  I have been to before.

In my home, there are infants, so I arrange it slightly sweeter.

For next year? , And record the arranged recipe as a memorandum.

>Sugar: 2 tablespoons

>Vinegar: 1 tablespoon

>Grated garlic … one piece

>Grated ginger … one bite

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

First, put the ingredients so far and mix well (to dissolve the sugar well).

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

  • Irrigoma … 3 tbsp

  • Soy sauce … less than 2 tablespoons

Next, grind the sesame well, put it in the mixed bowl, add soy sauce and mix. Then adjust while watching the taste and complete!

Sauce takes less than 10 minutes. It was easy and delicious.

Turkey reuse 4 porridge

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

At first, my wife told me, “What about turkey porridge?”

The conclusion resembled the authentic taste of rice porridge that I had eaten before in China (Taiwan?).

Does the turkey’s unique flavor make it so? It was delicious.

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

As it is a porridge, it is not enough to write down the recipe, but just in case.

Turkey porridge (3 servings)

1. Carrot … half

2. Radish … about 5 cm

3. Chinese cabbage … about 3

4. Chicken glass soup … 2 tablespoons

5. Sake … a little

6. Salt … some

7. Hot rice … 2 servings

8. Turkey … appropriate amount

Cut carrots, radish, and Chinese cabbage into easy-to-eat sizes and boil in a pot.

Season with chicken and soup, sake and salt, add rice and boil until the desired hardness.

Finally, add the turkey and boil it a little to complete. It took about 15 minutes on a busy morning.

Turkey Recycling 5 Fried Rice

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

5 turkey reuse items. Fried rice!

From the conclusion, this was also very delicious.

The taste of the turkey with a little habit accentuated it and made it a delicious fried rice.

This time, the turkey is finely chopped, mixed with soy sauce and soy sauce, and put into fried rice.

Lightly fry and it’s done.

Turkey Reuse 6 Curry

Efficient use of turkey varieties recipes

A turkey that still remains. A five-year-old child said, “I don’t like the food that smells turkey anymore!” (I understand the feeling very well), so I put it in a curry.

From the conclusion, it is a delicious ordinary curry.

The flavor of the turkey is still gone.

The recipe is the same as the usual curry recipe.

While the vegetables are being boiled, add the turkey meat. After that, boil it up and add the curry roux.

Turkey Reuse, Popular Ranking

At last, all the turkey meat that weighed 1.3 kg has been used up.

This is our favorite turkey re-use dish!



Fried rice




To be honest, except for the sandwiches, they liked it again.

But is turkey good for another year

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