Erectile dysfunction & Vitamin D

Erectile dysfunction & Vitamin D

Hi my name is mena veroh I’m going to explain the relationship between vitamin D and erectile dysfunction today,vitamin D is a hormone that our bodies can synthesize through exposure to sunlight.

We’re also able to absorb it through dietary sources such as cod liver oil, egg yolk, beef liver as well as fatty fish.

About 3/4 of adults and teens have tested positive for a vitamin D deficiency, I believe that vitamin D deficiencies are becoming more common place because our diets just aren’t providing us with enough vitamin D to sustain us.

We also tend to be working or in school during the hours when the Sun is at its peak and is most capable of helping our bodies synthesize vitamin D on our own.

Vitamin D has so many different effects on our bodies and it’s hard to explain just how useful this vitamin is in such a short article so I’ll summarize by saying a that we know it builds bone health and reduces risk of fracture.

We also know that it really helps with our immune functioning it can help in cases of autoimmunity such as multiple sclerosis and it can also help reduce your likelihood of getting colds and flus .

Throughout the year it’s also been shown to help with glucose regulation and so it’s been helpful in type 2 diabetes and it’s been shown to reduce your risk of certain types of cancer including prostate cancer and colorectal cancer in terms of vitamin D an “erectile dysfunction” there were some researchers in america in 2014 who discovered that men who suffer from erectile dysfunction also seemed to have a vitamin D deficiency.

Now other research seems to show that vitamin D helps with the production of nitric oxide, nitric oxide is a chemical that causes your blood vessels to dilate and so when an erection is either being initiated or being maintained sufficient for sexual functioning a man’s arteries must first dilate so that blood can go into the penis and stay in the penis.

Nitric oxide directly helps with this dilation and that’s how drugs like viagra seem to work, I also suspect that vitamin D helps with erectile dysfunction because in some cases erectile dysfunction can be due to depression.

Vitamin D has also been shown to help with certain types of depression seasonal, affective depression being one of them, individuals who supplement with vitamin D find that their mood is better and their depression seems to be better controlled.

So if you haven’t been tested yet I highly recommend that you ask your doctor about it, it’s a very simple blood test, your doctor will measure 25 hydroxy vitamin D which reflects stores of vitamin D in your body, if you come up as insufficient or deficient you can supplement with vitamin d3

Your doctor will tell you how to supplement it and be sure to get retested because vitamin D is one of those vitamins that you can take too much of and overdose on.

I hope that you found this article helpful’ if you have any questions please  kindly comment below and stay tuned for my next article which is going to be about prostate health and vitamin D I’ll see you then

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