Exercises for back pain

In case of back problems, it is important to acquire a routine of simple exercises that can be done at home to relieve pain.

    Exercises for back pain.Exercises for back pain.

    Fighting back pain is one of the most common open fronts in health matters that people, especially over the years, have to suffer in their day-to-day lives. Among the main causes, we can observe how lack of exercise, the adoption of incorrect postures, lifting weights, or anxiety can translate into back discomfort. Also, diseases rheumatic as osteoarthritis, bone irregularities, or osteoporosis are common in a sector of the population with back problems. 


    exercises for back pain
    exercises for back pain

    Treatments physiotherapy or massage help alleviate the pain in different areas of the back. In addition, patients can exercise at home with simple and inexpensive routines that support treatments and help alleviate back pain. The process of carrying out some of these movements and stretches, framed within a routine lasting between 5 and 15 minutes, is as follows:

    1. Bridge exercise. In quadrupeds, make the entire spine more flexible. In this exercise, two rhythmic movements are performed, of pelvic anteversion (taking the butt out and raising the cervicals) and making an arch. The other movement consists of simulating kyphosis with the back and doing a
    2. Kneeling flexion. Lying on our back, we bend one knee bringing it closer to our chest. The movement to stretch the iliac psoas. We hold the knee with our hands and intersperse the same action with both cervical flexions. It can be done multiple times within 30 seconds.
    3. Mohammedan exercise. In quadruped, we separate the knees, orient the butt inwards, rest the glutes on the calves, flex the knees well and bring the hands forward, stretching the back well. We breathe in air and exhale. Also between 20 and 30 seconds long. legs. In the same starting position, we perform a pyramidal stretch. On the one hand, we fix the knee as in the previous exercise, but on the other hand, we bring the foot to the opposite shoulder.
    4. Recomposition stretch.  Recommended for restoring balance to the body and stretching the spine. Lying on your back, you have to bend your knees and hug them. Gain momentum and move forward, backward, and sideways. Meanwhile, we raise our heads and try to touch our knees with our chins. Hold this position for five seconds.
    5. Spinal flexibilization exercise. Lying with your back straight on the floor, we stretch one of the arms to the side and bring the leg to the opposite side with a hip twist. A stretch of crossed chains. We hold in the position for about 20 seconds and intersperse the work with the extremities.

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