Exercises to lower the belly in men

Exercises to lower the belly in men

Although athletes and nutritionists agree that 70% of performance is given by food, it is important to acquire an exercise routine that combines with healthy habits. One of the most complicated pulses of the summer is the one that people throw on those extra kilos that accumulate in the belly. Looking good in the pool and in the sea, as well as for reasons of mere health and feeling good about yourself, serve as motivation to acquire an exercise routine that helps reduce gut during the summer period. Healthy habits and eating healthy and balanced are the best allies to find balance in weight and achieve the objectives. Nutritionists and athletes agree that 70% of performance is diet. Regarding physical activity, without the need to go to the gym, the most complete and effective exercises to lower the belly in men are:

Cardiovascular exercises: although they are the ones that cost the most and require continuous effort, they are the most recommended to reduce gut inches. We talk about jogging, walking, not walking, and cycling. Three classics to burn those calories that accumulate in the abdominal area and waist. Activities with which to combine strength exercises, also important.

Abs: the ideal complement for a good diet. And it is that no matter how many sit-ups are done if the diet is not correct, we will not see results. There are different types of abdominals that strengthen the belly areas: conventional they strengthen the outer zone of the muscle group -, oppressive – they tone the internal muscle – and obliques – superficial and lateral face of the abdomen.

Isometrics or planks: in the work of the abdominal area, the activity of isometrics is essential. The best known are the plates. Facedown, supporting the hands or forearms and the tips of the feet on the floor, we try to hold the position for a minute, contracting the abdomen area. To the static plank, you can add movements such as bringing the knees to the elbows, the climber’s exercise, among others.

Burpees: it is one of the most complete exercises to burn calories and tone the abdomen. The exercise starts standing up to continue lying down doing a push-up, once done, we get up again by jumping and bending the knees or slapping the air. There are different ways of doing the burpees, but the demand and effectiveness of the action coincide in all of them.

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