Facial yoga: easy exercises to do at home

Facial yoga: easy exercises to do at home

 Facial yoga: easy exercises to do at home: It is one of the most neglected areas of the body. Discover the main exercises to tone the muscles of the face Yoga is a discipline increasingly supported by the population at a time when stress is part of routine life. This physical-mental practice is recommended for health. One of the most popular types is facial yoga, as a technique to rejuvenate the skin of the face and combat stress. Over time, the skin of the face tends to lose elasticity, so it is important to strengthen the 57 muscles that make up the face.
In this sense, facial yoga helps to keep the face smooth and increase its vitality. In training, which can be done anywhere, you should work for 10 minutes a day, six days a week. The improvement of circulation and the production of collagen will be the factors that favor the toning of the muscles of the face. By zones, the most practiced exercises are the following: Easy exercises to show off perfect arms.

Easy facial yoga exercises

Double chin area: place the hand under the chin, pushing it down on the fingers of the hand, supporting the elbow on the other hand.Eye area: close your eyes tightly and then open them intensely, simulating a surprising expression. Repeat the movement quickly several times and until you relax them by closing them gently. Eliminate eye bags: form a ‘V with the fingers of both hands and apply pressure to the sides of the eyes. Look up and squint. Lastly, relax them. Perform six repetitions.

A facial yoga session

Facial yoga to work a forgotten part of the body
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Cheek area: inhale air to inflate the cheeks. Hold for about two seconds and exhale again. Perform the action for about 10 repetitions. Lip area: with the head tilted and looking up, blow an air kiss to keep the neck-jawline firm. Forehead area: aimed at avoiding wrinkles. Place the fingers of each hand in the center of the forehead, and slide these to the sides. Perform three repetitions.

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