germ guardians and a healthy family

germ guardians and a  healthy family

Germ guardians should be the number priority in every human families.

Bigger home problems like snakes and tigers , are as it appears detected and can be Warde’s off on like germs that can be contain.

This type of problems are not consider a problem but is in some particular areas.

There are a lot of dangerous bad peoples to think about then all these enemies that are distance to tiny to see without the provisions of a saficisticated microscopes .

All these are within enemies labeled as GERMS,
this germs lives within us on our daily endeavours, it does not matter were you reside ,  whether in the rural area or city or in a foreign land,a lot of germs are totally harmless yo human immense system , while others are viciously deadly.

Numerous germs are small, as a matter of fact it take a lot of line up to make one inch length!!!

Virus which is the smallest, which difficult yo see even with a powerful microscope is more complicated.

This virus can only be seen by ultra-powerful  machine electron microscope.

The virus disease that result into a form of infections such as smallpox and polio are together with the vast of mankind disease.

germ guardians and things around us all 

Germs lives within us all , they lives within the air we takes in everyday, and often within the drink and water we consumed everyday.

Most times this bacteria’s find ways to get into our foods as we consumed them , this things happen mostly because of poor food method handling in cooking and care keeping.

Cooks who work in the environment of food are mainly responsible for the contamination of foods and the spreading of most harmful diseases within the communities.

To prevent this ,cleanliness most be maintain 

Most times these germs grow in warm areas ,moist areas , areas as the crease skin,hands palms and within The rectum and genital location .

It is very vital for everyone to wash their hands after use every time, hands most be wash frequently to avoid contamination.

By doing these everyday help protect us against this deadly disease virus infections.

Teeth cleaning by brushing is also very important when it come personal cleanliness, brushing the teeth 2 – 3 tikes daily goes a long way in positioning it properly.

Almost all the germs pass out as soon as they are expose directly to sunlight in one way or the other through cleaning process.

Sunlights germ guardians
kills germ faster

Sunlight is very powerful when it Come to virus combating, and also make sure your homes are properly ventilated and aired every blessed day.

Make sure the morning sunlight falls directly on each apartment every morning during morning rising sun, this is a very important germ guardians one should not joke with

Blankets and used items should also be kept outside for  the sun to shine on them

Tuberculosis germs also find is way to the dust of the Street, mostly of a lot of spitting on the street or some other objectionable behaviours.

This bacteria are often taken home by feet’s ,the virus are dangerous  most especially to children crawling on the floor.

germ guardians and how to prevent bacteria

Make sure all floors are properly cleaned, every day because everyday you get visitors coming in and out , and most bacterial are brought in by visitors and children.

Exhibits the habit of practicing the traditional  eastern way of life of taking off shoes , washing hands , feet’s before entering the home.

Animal also brings disease Germs,
Germ disease may find is way into your home in many ways , it may be carried in by the bodies or feet’s of domestic animals, dogs,cat e.t.c.

Rats and mice also spread deadly germs to humans,for there carry germs of dysentery, typhoid, diarrhoea and many other complaints gastrointestinal.

Even birds carry germ through migration from one district to other and in this process carry various germs and virus that has the possibility of causing serious epidemics.

Germs are treat to human race, when major emergency comes up,issues like earthquake or other harmful  disasters.

The number one thing the world health public authorities are mostly concerns about is the looking into how to preserve good water supply’s around every community.

Preservation and proper positioning of sewages, this is imperative if community are kept free from epidemics infections.

This also effects our ordinary daily ways of living,that why our germ guardians
make not be taken for granted, we are mainly responsible for our own good statue and health states.

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