Google AdSense now supports Non-English speaking countries language!

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After a long wait like a thirsty hawk, Google AdSense finally gave hope to non-english-speaking bloggers and article publishers. Although Non-English speaking countries were recognized as the 6th .language in the majority of the populationGoogle AdSense now supports Non-English speaking countries language!

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Google AdSense left Non-English speaking countries behind for a long time. Finally,Non-English speaking countries’ language has got due status with Google AdSense. Putting an end to all the complexities, Adsense has replaced Non-English speaking countries with other approved languages.

What is Google AdSense Auto Ads and how to use it?

Although this wait should have ended a long time ago, due to some of our mistakes, Google AdSense has taken a long time to support Non-English speaking countries language. We have had to wait a long time, especially in the web world, due to not being able to properly understand the full meaning of the word Google Non-English speaking countries, including publishing copyrighted articles in Non-English speaking countries. A few days ago, when Google supported Non-English speaking countries language voice, I realized that AdSense will soon support Non-English speaking countries language.

I myself have contacted the Google AdSense team several times via email regarding the AdSense support in Non-English speaking countries, I tried to tell the AdSense team about the importance of Non-English speaking countries language and the liberation war of Non-English speaking countries, but I failed to get their attention after every attempt. Maybe it is the result of everyone’s efforts that we have been able to achieve this success today.

Yesterday, Google informed everyone about supporting  other language through their official AdSense blog. At the same time, a new horizon of hope is shining in the minds of Non-English speaking countries speaking bloggers. If you wish, you can make the matter clearer and more authentic from the Google

AdSense Blog.

Google says in their blog that there are many more countries in the world  that are members of the AdSense family. Moreover, they also said that the use of other language on the internet has increased comparatively many times over the last few years. That is why Google AdSense is supporting Non-English speaking countries language.

  • Google AdSense now supports Non-English speaking countries language!

What to do before applying?

Before discussing how bloggers can apply for Google AdSense, I would like to say a few things. Because AdSense will not be approved if you apply very enthusiastically before making your blog suitable for Adsense.

This will make your long wait fail.

Do not apply for custom domains.

Buy a dot com or dot net domain.

The blog must be at least 06 months old.

You must be 18 years old.

Make at least 30 posts on the blog.

Try to post 05 on each Label.

Do not place copyrighted articles on the blog.

Don’t include any Adult / Alcohol / Crack and Hack articles.

Put About Us and Contact Us pages in the blog.

Make time for blog design and SEO.

How to apply for AdSense?

In addition to the above, your blog will be considered useful for applying to Google AdSense only when you adhere to the Google AdSense policy. Otherwise, there is no benefit in applying for Google AdSense.

Finally, if you click on the I added and Continue option from the bottom of the image above, the AdSense application will be finished.

Lastly, since Google has introduced Google AdSense support in Non-English speaking countries language after much deliberation, it is our responsibility to use it properly and maintain due dignity. We just got Google AdSense support too late. If we don’t use it properly now, Google may make its policy more difficult for us. As a result, it will be very difficult to get Google Adsense or increase revenue. So we will always try to use Google Ad following the policy of Google AdSense

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