Health Benefits Of Banana

Health Benefits Of Banana
Health Benefits Of Banana

Banana smoothie recipe
Health Benefits Of Banana

Daily consumption of ripe bananas can help lower high cholesterol, maintains an ideal heart rate, and stave off strokes and other cardiovascular diseases, says Prof. Daniel Okafor, Coordinator of Expatriate Health Services at the University of Alabama, Birmingham.  For fresh, bright, and regulated bloodstream, take up to 15 g of banana each day. It has normal iron and vitamin B6 which are imperative for a sound circulatory system. Banana helps stave off a wide range of maladies including stroke, heart attacks, hypertension, and cardiac arrhythmias. 

An Average banana has about 75 calories of Puree of Banana, supplemented with vitamin B6, which is enriched with nutrients necessary in the tiny blood vessels like flavonoids to work effectively and improve blood flow and help reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack. 

There is a Stroke & Heart Attack Formula which comes with a new Banana Flavor which can repel free radicals. It is guaranteed that you will feel the difference of the pro nutrients in this True Health Product and see the big changes it can do to your life if you can find one.

Banana is the “King of Fruits” and it’s true. banana is packed with vitamins and minerals plus it is great tasting. It assists and insure against heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, cancer, diabetes, bone loss, and eye diseases like macular degeneration.  Enjoy the nutrients from bananas mixed with milk, cereal, yogurt, and more. It is available in three varieties to mix and match with your favorite foods.

Enjoy it too as a snack at home or on the road. I will advise you to Always visit this site to learn more about our coming article that will talk about the goodness of bananas and see how they can help you bring about health and vitality in life. Bananas happen to ranked number one when it comes to the highest level of antioxidants in fruit which maintain vitamins together with minerals in your body flowing with the Standard Process Comprehensive Formulas. 

Vitamin B6 keeps red blood cells dripping into your body, together with potassium, bananas aid the body in maintaining a proper balance of sodium and potassium, which is crucial for brain function. For delicious banana body results, try a delicious tasting banana powder smoothie or beverage! 

Are you aware that eating a single banana every day can help prevent the depletion of nutrients like vitamin B6? 

Once a prized treat enjoyed only by the wealthy, bananas are now part of the diets of people around the world.  Banana delivers vitamin B6 together with fiber, which assists and support heart health and control cholesterol levels.  These organic bananas from Ecuador are firm and yellow, with a subtle banana aroma. Sweet and delicious, they contain vitamin B6. 

Banana is the fruit of choice for millions of people around the world, just like avocados and their health benefits, Banana plants produce bunches widely dispersed along the stem, which are harvested green.  They are then allowed to ripen to their full yellow color inside the ovaries. At room temperature, bananas decay rapidly unless they are quickly transported to temperate regions with warm climates.  

Whether you snack on it, bake with it or slice it on top of your cereal, a banana is a tasty, nutrient-packed fruit.  With vitamins B6 and C, potassium, and fiber, bananas are best eaten when they are just slightly yellow.  Bananas are a very popular fruit. They are packed with potassium and vitamin B6 (one banana has 0.5 mg of vitamin b6). 

So you see the reason why you need to eat bananas every day? My next article will be able the disadvantages of eating a banana, so if you don’t want to miss my next article kindly follow our pages and stay tuned, thanks for reading and please leave a comment if you need to clarify anything thanks 

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