Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola
Health Benefits of Bitter Kola

Eating bitter kola in the morning

Health Benefits of Bitter Kola
, did you know that eating bitter kola first thing in the morning helps? bitter kola can be found most primarily in the Western and Eastern parts of Africa specifically Nigeria.

Eating bitter kola in the morning helps boost energy base on research, scientists just discovered that eating bitter kola in the morning helps boost body metabolism.

According to scientific beliefs and studies eating bitter kola in the morning helps in solving a lot of health issues including chronic infections and bacteria.

Health Benefits of bitter kola 


Bitter kola belongs to the aged fruits according to research, bitter kola has been there since 0088 before the coming of men into existence.

Bitter kola can cure the infection and many other body bacteria’s cold to hepatitis when eaten first thing in the morning for 7 days.

Recent studies have shown that eating bitter kola in the morning can help fight coughs and the most common viral infections.

Eating bitter kola in the morning fast track the removal of many bacterial infections from the body at the earliest stage of living.




    The see of Bitter kola if chewed can combat any inflammation circumstances (arthritis).

    In 2009 study reveals that patients who suffer from osteoarthritis of the knees see a huge significant reduction of inflammation when eating bitter kola in the morning, bitter kola has a high level of potassium in it making it strong resistant to bacteria and infections.


    According to studies from the early days, there is this fact that reveals a particular chemical called kolaviron found in bitter kola, kaloviron stands against hypoglycemia in anybody suffering from diabetes.

    The fact that revealed this strong element call kolaviron as prove beyond human comprehension, the proof was conducted on a rat many years ago, proving if it will work on human has to not be done yet.

    Nutrients per Serving bitter kola

    FDA has proved the efficiency of eating bitter kola in the morning safe. However, a 2014 study revealed that high nutrients were found on bitter kola. the following are the nutrients of bitter kola:

    1. Carbohydrates
    2. Fat
    3. Protein

    The same study also originated that bitter kola had increased statuses of:

    • Vitamin C
    • Vitamin B
    • Calcium
    • Potassium
    • Iron
    • Caffeine

    How to Prepare Bitter Kola

    Bitter kola can be prepared and served at home, at weddings, birthday parties, churches ceremony e.t.c.

    Bitter kola can also be chewed with black pepper, nuts, or salts. Note: that however, the reason why it is called bitter kola is that it is extremely bitter.

    These days bitter kola gained massive popularity in Africa that you can find drinks with bitter kola flavored, drinks angostura bitter made from bitter kola like; drinks like , big kola, kolach bitters, aromatic bitter, origo cleanser,  bitter kola cocktail.

    Disadvantages of bitter kola

    Bitter kola for men is safer then women, bitter kola can cause Nausea and anxiousness of taking excessive , it can also lead to pain my the lower abdomen

    Note that eating bitter kola in the morning is good for your body and also the above drink is suitable for anybody, if you are finding it difficult to eat bitter kola raw, you can get one of the above drink in any Africa online store possibly jumia store

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