Homemade brunch nutrition and fat reduction

Homemade brunch nutrition and fat reduction
Homemade brunch nutrition and fat reduction

Many people are busy looking for new brunch shops on the Internet as soon as they come on holiday. But brunches often consist of bacon, smoked sausage, ham, fish steaks, French fries, and a cup of drink. The seasoning is based on strong flavors. In addition to the salt and pepper that have been added during cooking, they are also topped Soy sauce, ketchup, mustard sauce, etc.

Although some meals will come with salad, if you use Thousand Island Salad Dressing and other high-fat sauces, you will get more calories than you expected after a meal!

When you want to eat delicious food but don’t want to gain weight, you may wish to refer to the following principles:

●Use five-grain bread, toast, etc., mainly without fillings and sauces.

●Reduce toast topped with condensed milk, cream, or powdered sugar to reduce calories.

●Avoid fried foods and processed products, such as fried chicken nuggets, smoked sausages, ham, etc.

●Choose ingredients that are mainly steamed, boiled, and grilled, such as roasted chicken thigh steak.

●When it is eaten, it can remove the fried dough or animal skin, and the fat reduction effect will be better.

▲Sunny Little France for two people.  (Photo provided by Ni Manting)

▲Sunny Little France for two people. (Photo provided by Ni Manting)

●It is recommended that the sauce is mainly Japanese-style Japanese-style sauce, which is low in fat and calories.

●Use the dipping method to eat, avoid dipping large amounts of the ingredients, and reduce the intake.

●It is recommended to give priority to sugar-free and no additives, such as sugar-free black tea and sugar-free green tea.

●The coffee is mainly black coffee. If you drink milk tea or two-in-one coffee, it contains creamer. It is recommended to reduce your intake or use low-fat fresh milk.

Why not make a nutritious and low-calorie brunch at home, delicious and healthy!

Dietitian serves dishes-Sunny Little France

◎Ingredients (for about 2 people)

●1 French bread

●60g beef slices

●20g red/yellow sweet pepper

● 10 grams of mushrooms

●10 grams of onion

● 10g shiitake mushrooms

● 10 grams of American lettuce

● 2 eggs

●Half a large tomato

●The amount of unsalted butter

◎The production process

●Dice mushrooms, sweet peppers, onions, and shiitake mushrooms, slice large tomatoes, wash the lettuce, and put it on the plate for later use.

● Beat the eggs into a bowl and mix well, add the diced vegetables to the egg mixture and mix well.

●After adding oil to the hot pan, add the beef slices and fry until cooked.

●Put in an appropriate amount of unsalted butter and pour in the egg mixture, fry the eggs until cooked, and then set aside.

●After baking the bread until it is crispy, add beef, fried eggs, lettuce, and large tomatoes before serving.

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