How to add popular post widget to Blogger

How to add popular post widget to Blogger
This popular posts tool is one of the most useful tools provided by Google Blogger.
Popular post contains a list of the most visited posts on your blog during a specific time frame.
As such, the popular posts tool is great for providing visitors with a list of all posts whose pages have been viewed in their history within weeks, months, or all time.
Just as we offer visitors (especially new visitors) nutritious content provided by blogs.
The most important reason we should put this popular posts tool in our blog is to reduce the bounce rate for the blog.
When visitors already have the information they need, they may leave our blog.
Therefore, by providing this tool, we can provide more useful articles for them, and visitors can stay on our blog for a longer period.

How To Add a Popular Post Widget to Blogger Blog

1. Go to the Blogger dashboard
2. Go to the layout
3. Add a gadget
  • Select the popular sharing tool from the list
By default, Blogger allows you to choose whether to put snippets and thumbnails on this tool, which is great for blending the design of a particular blog.
When adding a “popular posts” tool, it is important to configure the correct available settings to make it work as it should.
Please refer to the figure below.
1. Popular post settings
Common sharing tools with scrolling effects
After adding the “popular post” tool to your blog, it’s time to customize it and add some effects. In this case, we used the scroll effect and added shadows around it, which made the popular posts tool appealing to our readers.
Return to Blogger Dashboard HTML Edit

"use strict"; var adace_load_6508da4fa0ace = function(){ var viewport = $(window).width(); var tabletStart = 601; var landscapeStart = 801; var tabletEnd = 961; var content = ''; var unpack = true; if(viewport=tabletStart && viewport=landscapeStart && viewport=tabletStart && viewport=tabletEnd){ if ($wrapper.hasClass('.adace-hide-on-desktop')){ $wrapper.remove(); } } if(unpack) { $self.replaceWith(decodeURIComponent(content)); } } if($wrapper.css('visibility') === 'visible' ) { adace_load_6508da4fa0ace(); } else { //fire when visible. var refreshIntervalId = setInterval(function(){ if($wrapper.css('visibility') === 'visible' ) { adace_load_6508da4fa0ace(); clearInterval(refreshIntervalId); } }, 999); }


Use CTRL + F, find this symbol]]> </ b: skin>.
Then, on top of the code, copy and paste the following code provided below.
Next, save your blog template.
Note: The “popular Posts” widget may already have a CSS on the form.
The flagship CSS class ID of the popular posting tool is popularPosts.
To avoid some possible errors, try deleting all symbols with this Category ID

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