How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates

How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates

How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates – Determination of Templates on a blog is very important, we are required not to arbitrarily choose a template, because the template greatly affects visitors, especially at the convenience point of readers. What’s more if it is our goal in creating a blog for media looking for Dollars , if “yes”, we MUST consider important provisions in choosing a template that I will explain below.

What is actually the template?

A template is a scripted HTML, CSS, and JavaScript script file that is systematically formed. The script serves as an important component in the design / appearance of a blog. And usually the template file itself has a .xml format.

Then what if I can’t make a template?

Now that’s often experienced by beginner bloggers, maybe for ordinary people, creating templates by designing script code is not easy, therefore, we can utilize the free template provider sites, as I will describe below.

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How do you get a template?

The way is easy, please visit the site below (choose one)

Or maybe you can choose the templates that I recommend below.
The template that I recommend is a familiar template among bloggers.

AMP HTML Blogger Templates

This template has the latest feature of AMP HTML, if you want to create a blog that tends to prioritize comfort this is the right choice, besides being able to spoil visitors, this template has also been supported responsiveness in the appearance of gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and the like. wow ..! cool.

You can download this template by Kang Ismet for FREE here

Blogger Vienna Lite V2 Full Responsive

How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates

Vienna Lite V2 is a rich Arilna design template, this template has its own elegance, so that’s the characteristic of Arlina’s mak, if you like clean, neat and lightweight, I highly recommend this template.

If interested, please download the FREE Vina lite V2 template here

Johny Wusss template

Johny Wuss, Who is the one who doesn’t know this template ?, if there really is, he must have been playing yesterday afternoon, Blogger, this template is famous to the international level, besides Fast Load, the template by Kholis is also Responsive and SEO Friendly.

You can download and see the review directly here 

Droid Plus template

How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates

Droid Plus is a template from Kang Ismet again, this responsive blog is perfect for those of you who are building a blog in a nice technology, such as HP, Laptop Review or other electronic roles.

For more information, please visit to see the review and download it here

How do you replace the Blogspot template with your own template?

Well, after you finish downloading the template, the file format is usually in the form of .ZIP / Rar. therefore you must first extract.

How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates

  •  How to Right-click on Mouse Select Exstract Here.

  • After you Extract, open your Blogger . 
  • On the Dashboard menu choose Template .
  • After entering the template menu, please click Backup / Restore in the upper right corner.
How to Change Blogspot Templates with Your Own Templates
  • Select Choose File , then an explorer window will appear, look for the template file (which has been extracted) in the formatted format. XML. After meeting select open , then upload.

Not an easy way to replace the Blogspot template with its own template, if you are still confused, please leave a comment below. Hopefully this article helps Additional information For blogs whose media are publisher / advertisers, it would be nice if you look for templates that have the features below:

  1. SEO Optimized
  2. Fast Loading
  3. Mobile Friendly
  4. Auto readmore
  5. Social Share Button

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