How to create a Facebook branded page

How to create a Facebook page

Our today topic is “How to create a Facebook page” a Facebook page were you can use to represent your company , a place  were you can post updates of your brand, contents ,pictures ,video’s and many more to the world free , due they are paid way in which you can use to reach out large number of people , that will be discussed on our next article.

    “How to create a Facebook page” some newbies find it difficult to do this  simply because they are new to Facebook

    Step 1 on how to create a Facebook page

    Open your device, click on the Facebook icon app just as is appearing on the below

    Click by tapping the Facebook icon or if you registering from a desktop  click here  once clicked, it will take you to your Facebook account ,from there you can continue to were you will open the Facebook pan page ,that is !!!  if you are already a Facebook member, but if you have not create a Facebook account before,you can click here to sign up 

    Step 2 on how to create a Facebook page

    As you can see on the picture above the bottom corner right or top of page CLICK IT

    TIPS: navigate to the bottom the bottom of the page near the menu, Tap to have a deep menu  appearance

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