How to do to lower a fever naturally

How to do to lower a fever naturally
How to do to lower a fever naturally

There are different foods with antiviral effects and other home remedies that help reduce fever. Body temperature at fever values ​​often occurs in our body as a response of the immune system to the attack of some pathological factor that has entered the body. Once the mercury exceeds 38º it translates into the resistance of our defenses and it is necessary to lower the fever. Although it is not a very worrying symptom, it is indicative of a health problem, it is necessary to consult with our doctor. Meanwhile, we can start some home remedies to lower our temperature. 

One of the most common is the use of cloths soaked in freshwater, without being too cold. The placement of these wet fabrics should be on the forehead, armpits, or groin. In children, it is also effective to put wet socks on the ankles, following the same change procedure after drying as the cloths. On the other hand, taking a warm or hot shower is another classic remedy. Being underwater for a few minutes also helps lower a fever.

Foods and fluids that help lower fever

Another key is hydration since fever dehydrates. The consumption of liquids is important: from water and infusions a bowl of soup to recover mineral salts and minimize other symptoms such as headache or dizziness. In addition to good hydration, it is necessary to consume an adequate diet. 

In this way, probiotic foods such as yogurts, milk, fruits, and vegetables will help reduce fever. Fruit juices rich in vitamin C, such as kiwi or grapefruit, are other foods to consider. In this soft diet, you can also incorporate other products such as ginger, a natural antiviral; the egg white, which absorbs heat, or garlic hot, for its antibacterial effect. 

Homemade tips to lower a fever

In addition to the recommendations described above, which range from the use of fresh clothes, taking a shower, consuming liquids, and adequate nutrition, we can include other remedies. Although it may seem contradictory due to the feeling of cold, it is important not to bundle up too much or cover yourself with blankets, since a lot of clothing can help increase body temperature. If you are a lover of teas, nature gives us lettuce tea to help reduce fever: boil a liter of water and pour it over a container with whole lettuce Let it rest for 15 minutes and let its nutrients such as potassium act, calcium, magnesium, sodium, and phosphorus.

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