How to explores search engines via keywords

How to explores Search engines via keywords

The internet is a wide world were you find most searched keywords by typing just a simple key phrases, almost everything is possible on the internet, just by  searching for it.

Most searched keywords are one of the most popular keywords online searcher’s also go for on a daily basic, just because this types of keywords can generates huge amount of leads , targets to their landing pages , this form of exploration is called SEO : searched engine optimization.

The internet is full of informative overflowing articles that can change  your instincts if used properly, however even as good as google may be it still makes mistakes, sometimes, most people  heard  complained about not being able to get what their particularly searched for.

How to surf the internet with Google Search bar

It is very simple to search the web with Google search bar , how ?

  • First you need to know how to use the tab, that is the first step to take in order to achieve your aim.
  • Secondly you most learn how to use quotes to achieve your aim in searching, this is very important when it comes to searching online.
  • Making use of excluded words is a added advantage in searching with the web bar also using a excluded words with hyphens.
  • You most also know how make use of the colon to get a better specific result.
  • Making use of asterisk and knowing how to link to another sites, e.t.c.

Have you asked yourself this question and still find answers?
How to find any thing on Google via google searched advance feature

Google happen to be one of the largest search engines on planet a place were almost everyone goes to when in need to something online.

Sometimes google refused to bring results, that means “google does know it all ” there has been cases were you have to take your search to the next phrase in order to get the result you want

How to use Google advance  features to find any thing online

That s a big one to talk about later on my next article,There are alternative  to google, were you can also search what ever you want online. Sites like:
Internet Archive
This sites are also good alternative to google were you can get different result by just typing a particular  phrase of word as regarding the particular keywords you intend to get hold of, using this methods is one of the best way to search the internet,  a particular topics on different  search engine to get results in different  perspective, then .How to explores Search engines via keywords

Generally it is advisable to carry out your search on all this search engine differently,to view results differently and get difference in result. This methods can produce a nice return most especially when you researching for a project.

The internet is filled with unimaginable figures of files and sometime it difficult  for this search engine to figure out all items, that why it is very important to file hunt instead of just searching

Definition of file hunting: file hunting is the process of trailing, and tracking of a particular keywords to get a wider horizon for comparison

  • This method can also be called Advanced Searched method

The good thing about file hunting is even if you didn’t get your targeted result from file hunting, you still gets a future result on related topics more like a hint to what you are searching for , this method of searching can land you different topics to write about if done properly.

File hunting find surfing “keywords research”  google is more like a messenger.
A message you sends goes directly to the brain delivers reproduce results and comes back with a results to you as program. that’s the job of a search engine.
How to explores Search engines via keywords
More like “go to destination” have you ever use the Symbol  + while searching? I guess not, only few knows how to explore the internet with symbols.

How to explore the internet with symbols

How to explores Search engines via keywords

Symbols has great signification on search engine. This is more advance when it come to the use of search engines for SEO

The word  plus= + :
means expend.

The word minus= – :
means specific more like a question mark

And many I will talk about on my next coming articles. This symbol once applied to any phrase result in large file within a particular keywords,  when imputed into the search column sends a deeper messages to search engine,  so it is very important  to learn more about  number signs. This kind of symbols  goes along way in when it coke to SEO .

QUESTION  MARK these simple means be specific , you are trying to get a result base on a particular angle,  one direction, Just like typing  You get results only related  domain phrase

There are also many other ways to explore the internet via search engine to get good result , it is very more interesting to get good return if you install  plugins like Google Search,  Bing search and many moe.

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