How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel: A Step by Step Tutorial 2022

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How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel: A Step by Step Tutorial 2022

Few years, WhatsApp has certainly evolved to become the most popular messaging app of our time. Aside from chatting with your friends and family, WhatsApp allows you to create different groups. Even though you are allowed to export WhatsApp group contacts on their computer. Since it can be a bit tedious to export WhatsApp contacts to Excel. In this informative article, I will explain all the necessary information that you need to know about exporting WhatsApp group contacts to excel step by step. Make sure you read to the end so that you will understand the whole article and be able to export your WhatsApp contacts to excel successfully.

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How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel: A Step by Step Tutorial

Part 1: How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel via WhatsApp Web?

I’m very sure that you know that WhatsApp offers a dedicated web version that allows you to access the application on your computer. So, you need to access your WhatsApp web version on your computer before exporting your group contacts. Follow this simple and easy to understanding process to learn how to export WhatsApp Group contacts to Excel manually,

Step 1: Access WhatsApp web on your computer

To export WhatsApp contacts to Google or Microsoft Excel, you need to access the software on your computer. You need to launch WhatsApp on your device, tap on the three-dot icon from the top, and select the “WhatsApp Web” option. Immediately after, you launch Chrome or any other browser on your computer and simply go to the website.

This will display a unique one-time generated QR code that you need to scan on your smartphone to connect to your WhatsApp account.

Step 2: Copy the WhatsApp Group Contacts

Immediately after you open your WhatsApp web feature, you will be able to access your WhatsApp account on your computer. Now you need to select the group from where you want to export WhatsApp contacts and right-click the page to choose the “Inspect” option. Alternatively, you can also press the Ctrl + Shift + I keys at the same time to inspect the page.

Now after finding the group contacts under the tag, you need to select it and right-click the section. From here, you can choose to copy the element or the outer HTML to extract WhatsApp group contacts.

Step 3: Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel

Now that you have copied WhatsApp group contacts, open a text editor (like Notepad, WordPad, or MS Word) and paste the content there. Now, you can manually get rid of any unwanted code like “ ” from the text. You can use the Replace feature on your computer to edit the text editor to replace “ ” with a blank.

Immediately after you have gotten rid of the unwanted code, you can now copy the text, launch MS Excel on your PC, and paste the content. You need to paste it in the entire row that you might not want. To fix it, click on the Paste icon from the bottom to go to its “Paste Options”. From the Paste Options window, just enable the “Transpose” feature to display contacts in dedicated columns.

How to Export WhatsApp Group Contacts to Excel
  • That’s it! You have successfully exported WhatsApp Group contacts and saved them as a dedicated Excel file.

Part 2: Export WhatsApp Contacts using Google Chrome Extensions

Aside from the previous method of exporting WhatsApp contact from the WhatsApp group using the manual method together with Google or Excel, you can also make use of the ready-made and available Google Chrome Extensions.

To use this method you need to log on to the official Google Chrome extension website. Chrome Store, now you need to search and find Extensions like Group Contacts Downloader or Download WhatsApp Group Phone number. Immediately after you add the extension, you can go to the WhatsApp web and extract WhatsApp group contacts in the following way.

Step 1: Get the Chrome Extension

You need to visit the Chrome store to look for any suitable extension to download WhatsApp contacts. You can make use of “Download WhatsApp Group Phone Number” because it works perfectly and it is completely free. You can also make use of other effective Google chrome extensions. Download it and add it to your google chrome browser. 

Now that you have downloaded and installed the Chrome extension, you need to restart your browser to find its icon in the top-right corner.

Step 2: Export WhatsApp Group Contacts

Immediately after you launch your Google chrome software on your computer, the nearly downloaded Google chrome extension will be added automatically and now you need to open WhatsApp on the system via the WhatsApp web feature. After loading WhatsApp on your Chrome, select the group from where you wish to download the contacts.

  • Click on the three-dot icon from the top and select the “Download Info” button.

The Chrome extension will automatically download the contacts from the WhatsApp group in the form of a CSV file. After the file is saved, you can just open it in Excel to extract WhatsApp group contacts.

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