How to fix the ERRO 0308010c digital envelope routine error

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Many people have had the problem of receiving the ERRO 0308010c digital envelope routine error message on their computers, and they aren’t sure how to solve it. The first thing to do is to make sure that you are indeed getting this error message and that it isn’t some other issue causing your computer to give you this cryptic message. If your computer runs Windows XP, Vista, or 7, then you are likely getting this error message due to some device drivers not being properly installed or causing problems with your PC.

How to fix the ERRO 0308010c digital envelope routine error

Are you receiving the ERRO 0308010c digital envelope routine error? 

Unfortunately, this error occurs when you open your email and it’s especially frustrating because you can’t even read any of the other emails. Fortunately, there are a few easy fixes to try before calling tech support or resetting your system, so keep reading!

If you’re having issues trying to print or scan, your Windows 10 device may have picked up an error code that looks like ERRO 0308010c. This isn’t actually an error, but rather a warning that your device doesn’t have the required drivers or software to handle the task at hand. Since this error means that you aren’t getting the performance you expected from your printer or scanner, this guide will show you how to fix ERRO 0308010c and get back to printing, scanning, and faxing again!

How to fix the ERROR 0308010c digital envelope routine error

I noticed that it always tells me there was an error and I am unable to send any email. Then, I got a message saying ERROR 0308010c digital envelope routine unsupported. That error is not even making sense to me at all so I googled how to fix it on my computer. The solution suggested by many people is to turn off Windows Firewall. However, even after doing that it did not help me with sending emails at all. Then, someone came up with another suggestion which states that we need to change our network protocol from IPv4 to IPv6 because they are incompatible with each other.

The computer returned a strange message

First of all, don’t panic. Many people are prone to overreacting when they get a message like this. The error simply indicates that your PC was unable to open an email file attachment correctly. Sometimes it happens because your email client doesn’t support some special formatting in a Word document or PDF, for example; other times it could be due to outdated software on your computer. In any case, you can usually fix it by simply removing the offending file from your inbox and trying again later with a clean version of that same email. And if that doesn’t work? Well, then maybe we should talk in person instead of through a computer screen.

This caused my email program to crash

You may be looking at a digital envelope routine error (ERRO) message, which shows as error 0308010c and might look like any of these examples: 500 Internal Server Error or 500 Internal Server Error Allowed memory size exhausted. This is a generic error code that should not cause any major issues on your computer or with programs running on it. Often, you can resolve an issue by deleting temporary files and clearing caches in programs such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Other times, you may need to reset your browser’s settings or update browser plug-ins. Unfortunately, there are times when you will need to take more drastic measures — you’ll have to uninstall programs that are causing problems or even reinstall Windows.

I tried restarting but it did not help

I was getting ready for bed when I went to check my email and saw that I had a message from Comcast. I clicked on it and a box popped up telling me there was an error and that ERRO 0308010c digital envelope routine unsupported occurred. This error is common, especially if you use Comcast or Xfinity as your internet provider, but not really worth worrying about. Restarting your computer typically fixes these types of errors, so before you do anything else try turning off your computer and then restarting it. If that doesn’t work or if you get an error different than what’s described above then try clearing out your cookies and cache.

I tried following online instructions but they didn’t work either

This error typically indicates that a network card isn’t working correctly. To fix it, try uninstalling your driver and reinstalling it; if you don’t know how to do that, contact your computer manufacturer or follow their directions on troubleshooting issues with drivers. If you’re not comfortable doing any of these things, consider contacting a local computer shop for help. Sometimes they might be able to save time by pointing out where in your system settings something went wrong or suggesting an alternative program that might solve your problem. You can also run Microsoft’s Windows Update program (which checks for software fixes) and then use another browser like Google Chrome as a temporary measure until you get everything fixed. Most importantly: Try not to panic!

I called tech support who couldn’t help me

It turned out that my laptop’s hard drive was failing. Tech support took my laptop away and brought it back a few days later with a brand new hard drive and fresh Windows installation. I tested all of my hardware just in case it would not have been just a hard drive error, but everything worked fine. In fact, I was so relieved everything worked that I didn’t even bother testing what happened if any of those hardware devices were not working. After all, they must work in order for me to be able to use them right? So after everything was restored and checked out ok, I got busy again and completely forgot about digital envelope routine error 0308010c.

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