How to Fixed Keil uVision’s Debug auto exit

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How to Fixed Keil uVision's Debug auto exit

Fixed Keil uVision’s Debug auto exit

After a while of getting acquainted with ARM, specifically, the Tiva C series of Texas Instruments encountered many big and small errors. In it, when programming with Keil uVision, I encountered a very annoying error that could not be debugged. After researching and researching, I finally fixed this error, so I will share it so that anyone who encounters it will know how to fix it.

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Fixed Keil uVision’s Debug exiting

Error description

After the compilation is complete, I proceed to download the code to the launchpad,

as usual, this process also goes smoothly. When pressing Ctrl + F5 to enter Debug mode (debug session), Keil uVision program (I use version 4) jumps to Debug mode but has not had time to press the Run button (or F5) to run the program, Keil automatically exits Debug mode!

I tried uninstalling and reinstalling version 4 but it still didn’t fix the problem, switching to Keil uVision 5, and the error was gone, but it didn’t take long to stick and even if I uninstalled and reinstalled it, I still got the error!

Note: This error usually only happens to those who use windows 8  ( including 64bit and 32bit ).) only, on windows 7 I have not seen it, so if you use windows 7 and get an error, try the method below to see how it works!

    Step 1:

    First, open the Registry by pressing the Windows + Q button to open the search dialog box or Windows + R to open the Run box, then type: Regedit and press enter.

    The UAC window appears, select Yes to confirm opening the Registry.

    Step 2:

    Looking at the directory tree on the left, you point to the following path:

    HKEY_CURRENT_USER Software Microsoft Windows NT CurrentVersion AppCompatFlags Layers

    How to Fixed Keil uVision's Debug auto exit

    Step 3:

    After pointing to the Layers folder, you look in the right pane and you will see the key C:KeilUV4UV4.exe

    Depending on the version of Keil uVision and your installation options, this key name may change slightly, but basically, there are still some keywords like Keil, UV4.exe, or UV5.exe ( Keil uVision 5 )

    You proceed to delete this key, then reboot the machine is done!

    How to Fixed Keil uVision's Debug auto exit

    The debugging process will go smoothly as usual! I have successfully applied this method and have not seen the error reappear.

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