How to generate robot.txt for any website

How to generate robot.txt for any website

Most people preferred google indexing all page while some don’t, there is a saying that goes that  “ones man meat is another’s man poison

Your blog robot.txt file sends message to web crawlers which enable Google bot to determined which pages to accept or ignore,this function is optional and can be used in different varsities.

This function can be used direct Google to block a particular page from getting indexed on search engines ,It can be used for in many ways to improve pages

Step 1: log on to google search console, navigation to Crawl, click  robot.txt  column on the left side

Step 2:  When clicked you will be taking to  robots.txt root from there full editing can be carry out .

Step 3: once you are done with the “txt generator” editing with your desire looks on how you want your robots.txt click Submit

Step 4: Save all code and then include modified robots.txt  code with your home page’s root.

Step 5: Once done, published the recent edition, head to Google  Query system and then click published to finish and ensure it perfectly working.

How to generate robot.txt for any website

Testing a Robots.txt property within Search Console


Online seo just isn’t dependant upon words, hyperlinks, and additionally content. A technical portion of SEO is usually important.

Truly, it’ll make the leading big difference designed for your contents selling campaign.

Therefore, be capable of the right way by begin using robots.txt file types and additionally meta robots tags.
With hard works, typically the tactics and additionally points i have explained in this article will help  make a huge impact on your web traffic

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