How to get rid of dark spot on face in 7 days

How to get rid of dark spot from your face in 7 days
Dark spot causes and ways to get rid of them, can one get ride of dark spot in few days ?

There are cream to get remove dark spots on body this cream does the magic within days if used properly.

What causes dark spot on face?

Dark spot on face can appear due to several  reason, but the  common causes of dark spot is sunlight, age spot and many factors.

How to remove dark spot from face

  • Here are step to get rid of dark spot out of your face in 7 days 
Most people believe applying white herbal toothpaste  and also asked “can white herbal toothpaste remove dark spot?”

The answer is capital;  YES
That’s true, it works like magic,  applying  whiten herbal  toothpaste  can remove  dark spot from your face before 7 days. 

Recipe to remove dark spot in 7 days

  • Pure honey
  • Lemon drop

This 2 ingredients can do magic for you by applying  this two mixture you can achieve a great result within days.

This two ingredients can get rid of dark spot before 7 days on your face.

What is meant by dark spot?

How can dark spot defined ; dark spot  can be defines as a gray or dark spot on the skin, which usually  surface due to excess of sunlight.

It can also be referred to as “liver spot” , excess reaction of skin pigment, sensitive reaction exposing it to UV damage.

More over the genesis of this reaction is always  hard for some doctors, why some major caused  of this is as a result  of bleaching creams which make your skin more sensitive to exposing UV damaged.

Some dark spot is as a result of chemical  reactions due  to the use strong chemical soaps.

NOTE;  That strong sun light exposure  happen to play the major role in skin aging

In most cases  when dark spot surface, it is being referred  to as skin aging, but if in the case, were doubt  occurs, Biopsy is always being carry out to a certain the causes, which after may result to the removal  of the first layer of the skin is related  to cancer of the skin or some abnormal  disease.
How to treat dark spot on the face has become our major issues, dark spot according to research has no effect on human skin, accept the spot that is left on the skin after treatment if not treated well.

It come and go on his own, but due to its stigma on the skin, some people choose  to go extra miles to get rid of it.

How to get rid of dark spot from your face in 7 days

Now you have know that the killer recipe  to get fast results is applying toothpaste herbal white and lemon on it, this recipe  works for face whitening also, it’s has a tendency of lightning your face as it remove the darkness.

This tips have been tested 100% working Please leave  a comment if you have any other means of getting rid of dark spot fast.

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