How to get the interviewer to notice you

How to get the interviewer to notice you

How to get the interviewer to notice you, there  is one thing only that you want to get across in a job interview no matter what industry what company.

Does Job title matters in an interview?

The title does not matter this is the one thing that you need to make sure they know and today I am going to tell you what that one thing.

How to get the interviewer to notice you

How to get the interviewer to notice you fast is what you should focus on, so before we get into it, please if you are in any way getting a job after reading this article.
Kindly let me know beneath the comments of the article, just drop a comment that you got a job after using my strategies and you might be my next shout out on my upcoming article on how to apply for over sea jobs and get it fast
I keep Saying this all the time because I sit in a lot of interviews and one thing that myself and everyone else in the room cares about is the same thing, we all have one thing in common.
The “Trump’s skill” the Trump’s excellent answers, oh you know I don’t know can you see him he just jumped in my lap, sorry say hi teddy now there’s suspense.
So it’s Trumps’s all those things and that is done they care about this job do they want to work here do they seem interested and before you turn this off and skip to somebody else’s website let me explain you .
Could have perfectly good answers you could check every box of skills that we want but if you do not seem interested you are not getting hired.
The level of care and interest is the lens through which every other face of the position is seen through.
I was in an interview last year with three different candidates and one of them had excellent answers this one person gave excellent answers hit every box, had every skill required, gave some interesting ideas of what they would do differently,and yet they sat back in their chair, and they kind of want to ask a question so that they would give their answer, they just seemed a little flippant it was almost as if they were doing us a favor.
It did not come off well and while they may have been absolutely the most qualified for the position we went with someone else because that other person seemed a little nervous.
They had good answer still they had enough of the skill but you could tell they cared about the position, they were excited for this new step and so that mattered more than perfection.
So what does this mean for you? So first to show you care there are a ton of nonverbal that you can think about, well maybe not a ton basically like for number one smile the more you smile the more you seem interested.
Make good eye contact it shows your interest in and what they’re telling you I know this trick has been in for years but the truth is that these rules don’t change these are the things that matter.
And then of course lean forward a bit when you’re talking to your interviewers if you lean forward, that shows that you’re interested in what they’re saying.
I lied it’s not four things it’s not a ton of things it’s three things do those three nonverbal, and they are suitable ways to show your interest then what I said in the beginning should put a lot of you at ease nerves work in your favor.
In this case they want people to be a little nervous now not so nervous that your voice is completely shaking or your hands are trembling.
The whole time and you look like this like you’re marching to your desk not that kind of nervous but an excited nervous don’t fake this in any way by any means
but don’t be afraid if your nerves show a little that shows you care if you didn’t care you wouldn’t be nervous so nerves work in your favor
Now how do you verbally show you care, well first is to really utilize the end of your answer to tell them about yourself
* You need to talk about why you were in the interview room and why you are excited for the opportunity you got from them.
The word excited most come into place why you are excited is because is a new challenge is it a company that has the same value and missions as you do
The plan to pass a message to the interviewers that you think this kind of work will be fun.
Try to add something about your excitement and your interest in this position into your message tell them about yourself shows that you care about the position.
Next if they ask why are you interested in working with them, give a genuine answer.
The genuine answer can’t be the location or the pay!
Now for instance if the interviewer ask you this question:
What are the things about the positions that interest?
Let your answer be :
It is the people that you intend to work with the new challenge try to go into some sort of detail about why you really want to work for them, specifically
I bet you if you do this it’s going to show your care for the position and the company
Now maybe it’s your first job figure out a reason why you want to work at MTN NIGERIA and AIRTEL NIGERIA the truth is that these interviewers want to know why you want to work with them.

So talk about why you love their company, tell them how you go there on weekends with friends and you think it’s a great place and you just love they product if possible mention one of they products.
You could say for instance I love Protea hotels I come here and eat here all the time, so I figured I might as well work in somewhere that I actually like .
i actually love to applying at places I actually go to because I want to believe in what I am putting out
Give them a valid reason even if you think you are getting paid minimum you should still genuinely answer this question
And lastly I just want to remind you again passion is the key to everything, it doesn’t mean skill is not necessary but I’m saying even at a high tech high level executive job they don’t expect everyone to come in with a skill what they actually want is someone with passion.
So passion comes first and then skill follow, so keep that in mind, make sure you show in your next interview you care, that’s the ultimate goal.

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