how to get to the winning circle volume 1

How to get to the winning circle volume 1
 how to get to the winning circle volume 1

From the decision to get to your goal, they are a lot of spreading difficulties along the way, Learn tips to make it easier, to achieve your best weight. you must take charge of your debts. Save money at all costs.

Efforts are to be made in your life To become a better person. life is all about reaching that goal, the winning circle that matter most in your life , remember that you own the key to the greater point that can see you to the next level, and the accomplish this great height you need to add in a an extra method to get them, that is why i am offering you this great tip that can possible see through to this height.

There is a need for it get hold of it , as it will see you through in reaching the goals, you need to get you to the top

How does a person get to the winning circle?

 I’ll tell you how: begin with the task of identifying what the objective of your endeavor actually is. Next, set goals that are both realistic and important—and which can be broken down into smaller tasks.
As you continue to take action, you’ll improve your skill set and learn more about the industry. Then, when you’re ready to invest in something big—and to take on a challenge that seems overwhelming at first—engage with like-minded people who have been similarly motivated. 
You’ll soon discover that there’s a community of like-minded people ready to help one another succeed in whatever they embark on next.
How can we all become more successful? One approach is to focus on getting in the winning circle — the small group of people who are about to achieve great success. Success breeds success, and there are lots of smart, motivated people in the world who are working toward contributing their part to a better future. Let’s not stand in their way.
Pick the one or several tactics that will help you reach the winning circle – the desirable lifestyle, health and financial results that bring meaning and pride to your life. Be realistic. You can’t magically change your social rank or income level overnight. 
But you can change how you approach your goals (and fail them) and gain momentum in the right direction. Success comes from changing behavior and attitudes, not luck. When you play the long game, you lose often but win big in the end.
The secret is to identify the activity that generates the most winners—and treat it as though it were the true, eternal, and flawless Game Over. Start with the easy choices. Which ones trigger the best dopamine rush? Which consistently leads people to the next level of achievement? Which consistently and reliably produces winners in the long term? This is what the “winning circle” looks like in psychology terms: it’s like a feedback loop going on inside your head. 
When you identify the nucleus of this loop—an activity that consistently produces winners—you can start using it as a rudder or teacher.
In the beginning of every good project there’s usually a win-win situation. The goal is to work as a team and see the project through to completion. This is easier said than done, however. If you’re going to succeed at any venture, you’ll need to find ways of working together that are as rewarding as possible while still being realistic. Here are some ways you can approach the challenge of finding a winning circle:
Life is full of opportunities; you just have to know where to look. Still, most people miss out on something great because they’re not looking hard enough. That’s where you can help yourself out by learning from others who’ve made a success of the same thing. 
My recent posts have explored how you can utilize color psychology in your everyday life, how you should think about value when choosing a tennis racket, and which motivational speaker is right for you (hint: it isn’t me!). 
The other day my friend Dan mentioned that he was working on a book — “How to Win at Life” — which really resonated with me because I’m always looking for ways to improve myself, whether it’s in business or play. In this post, I’d like to share one specific way in which Dan’s tactics have helped him improve his mental game — and win more
Learn from those who have moved before you, those who have crunched the numbers, and those who have conquered their obstacles. 
How to get to the winning circle is not easy. In fact, few people actually manage to do so. But the harder you work to reach your goals, the more likely you are to succeed. You need courage— firmness of purpose—in order to succeed against seemingly unstoppable odds. 
Failure is not an option; no matter how much experience or knowledge you have, you will always be wrong at some stage in your life.
How best to win a round in life is a question that’s been posed by philosophers and plutocrats alike. The answer depends in part on how one defines “winning.”Most people mean winning at the game of life, which generally means achieving the greatest number of lives. 
In this essay I’ll consider alternatives to this ordinary definition of “winning.” These alternative definitions may help us find something better than “the best,” for example, when it comes to maximizing the number of happy lives lived.
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There are three lessons to learn from this mentioned study: 

  • Focus on the long game and what will make you successful in the long run. 
  • Don’t quit your day job yet. 
  • Follow your passion and you’ll find your way. # LetMeReflect
Play the odds: Losing a bet is not always as bad as getting dragged into a situation you cannot win out of. Challenges can be learned from, rather than feared, and there are many ways to learn from others who have beaten odds much larger than yours. 
Learn from others who have overcome great obstacles, possibly including having been rejected by banks or competition for a loan. Where there is a will, there is a way; and when you are willing to put in the work needed to succeed, everything is possible.

The four C’s of Creating passion in your life are: 

  • Buy into something you believe in, Challenge yourself to chase your goals, create a community around your work, Find a way to share your passions with those around you 
The only way to get to the top of any hierarchy, including the one in your self-esteem, is to earn the respect and trust of those around you. You have to earn the respect of those around you by doing things that reflect well on you as a person — not just a “me” copy of someone else. 
That means being honest, treating others with consideration, and being willing to share what you’ve learned with those you’ve invested time and effort with.

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