How to identify fake overseas jobs online


How to identify fake overseas jobs online

How to identify fake “overseas jobs online”, “fake Careers online jobs” and many more search fake activities online via google.

At some point, fake jobs searched phrase on google went up 50% to a point when its searched keywords volume phrases boosted up to the first position on Google front page, due to increase of daily searched demands across the world. Everyone seems to be searching for “jobs online”, overseas jobs for “US” citizens in Africa  “International jobs online” and many more overseas jobs.

How to identify fake job recruiters

To identify a fake job recruiter, look closely at their details, most fake job agencies are always in a rush, and offer almost impossible offers. Things to look out for in fake job agencies

  • emails: their email addresses are always free, but some have gone extreme to go for a paid email in other to be more convincing to their victims, so be watchful.
  •  No one on one contact: their interviews are always online, neither via WhatsApp nor some other chat app, be watchful for this
  • roam number: do you know you can get fake foreign numbers online for free? Yes is possible
  • Sites you can get fake foreign numbers are TextNow second line google voice text plus free UK numbers e.t.c Today online jobs recruiters have decreased due to a lot of fraud activities, many questions arise lately regarding who to trust online when it comes to seeking a job.

Fake job recruiters are fake job agencies who portray themselves as legit job recruiters in order to lure you off your hard-earned money. They are many fake job recruiters online today,
Post in different ways, with one motive, to accomplish their financial goals, by robbing you in one way or the other. Fake job recruiters are deceitfully looking for possible means to extract from you, directly or indirectly, through miscellaneous ways via means.
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In  2015 CNN news reported that about 95% of online users in the United  States fall for “Work From Home scams”, and many other scams, they are in one way connected to Work From Home Jobs or  “Part-Time Jobs” all via fake job offers. Today’s nearly all online fraudsters have taken advantage of this platform of job offer scam, they are everywhere on the internet now, That’s why it is advisable to do a proper background check on any job agency you intend to use for a job search before proceeding.
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Today online jobs are no longer secured With fake recruiters posting jobs on job recruiting sites  Trying to lure you into believing that they are legitimate organizations. Don’t be deceived, refuse to be lured.  while searching for  windows XP how-to  and many more online items, be careful, not to fall for online jobs scams

Online jobs in the USA   Online jobs in the UK, Don’t be deceived most of them are fake, Branding themselves  for a purpose, a deceptive purpose to lure you into their trap, which may later lead to advance  fee scams
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These days junk emails, find their way into your email box requesting your personal information, requesting sensitive information via one link or the other, or in the name of  Work at home jobs.

The big question here is,  Are they truly legit? is there anything like HOME AT HOME JOB

Because of the volume of rising questions, I have decided to come up with possible means by which we can detect fake job recruiters copywrites jobs online real jobs online  And severed, I am sharing some of their latest formats, tricks, ss, and more ways in which they use to lure people into their money-making trap,  called  Job scam letter formats in which they use to carry out their tricks act. Remember our goal her is How to identify fake  Overseas Jobs Recruiters fake jobs recruiters emails addresses.

Remember these people are not legitimate, they are just imposters,  impersonating, imitating the legitimate ones. The ironic part of fake  “Overseas Jobs Recruiters “This imposter always comes out looking real, with different strategies to make you believe  them,  so be warned They are more interested in your money.

Due to the increase of fake job recruiters, it’s  different  now to spot the real ones, however there are still genuine  job recruiting agencies The ironic part is that fake jobs agencies  have taken advantage of today job platform, now overshadowing the real ones, because these fake guys spend more money promoting themselves to get on top of the real ones

Ways of fake job agencies operates

(A) Fake job opening: this is the seminar kind of fake recruiters

(B) fake representatives: These are the slot seller, fake job slot offers, they appear to be selling job slots for companies, This happened in a  “recent job vacancies in Nigeria”

(C) Impersonators: this set of people clones any original website to fit their fraudulent act, They claims to be the original company with a fake web URL, emails, and phone number These are a few of the ways in which this scanner operates. Now let’s proceed to possible means by which you can identify and avoid them.
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1. You can not get  a job offer without applying, is it possible?  i guess not
Delete any email sent to you from any organization claiming to offer you a job , when you did not apply for any through them. when you get a mail from a job site offering a job,  make a search on your email achieved to find out if you have applied for that job preciously, if not, or no record shows that you have applied, delete it immediately.

2. Job offered, online interview form, never followed any online interviewer form, a real job agency will not do interviews online,  most real agencies or companies do their interview by phone or they invite you to go in person.

And don’t give sensitive information on the phone to any job recruiter or company, legit companies don’t ask for sensitive information, like social security numbers, tax clearance, I.d, account password and more, report anyone involved ingest act immediately.

3. Free domain, free email provider, accent issue on the phone, writing  errors, fake numbers from toll fee numbers, a website registered not long ago, things to look out for Translator jobs online

4. Visa fee issues, insurance fee, part payment, ask for bank details from you.

Please report any job offer issue on our comment column, so will look into it, please share content, safe life’s content like this needs to go viral in order for people to learn from it, there lot of people out there looking for this.
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