How to incorporate scientific SEO to your strategy when writing

How to incorporated scientific SEO to your strategy

How to incorporated scientific SEO to your strategy is out today topic, before I continue doing your thingy you may want to hear this!,I want to talk to you about quick wins to help you get more organic traffic to your website.,If you worry that you don’t have enough hardcore SEO skills to achieve that you can try this technical SEO writing skills

All about Seo techniques

All you have to do is to focus on your existing pages and creating new awesome content to your website,On-page SEO is on the rise.,If you start doing it today you may outrank your organic competitors who,still rely on so-called good practices.

Getting to the top with on-page SEO is pretty straightforward. It’s about figuring out the content length ,Right phrases and their densities,content structure etc.

You can get this kind of data by analyzing
what’s happening in SERPs Just doing averages, do some basic math and then turn this data into an awesome piece of content.

incorporate scientific SEO to a strategy

But if you’re anything like mey ou don’t have time for this kind of things.,So what’s the alternative here? Leave. The calculations. To the machines. If that’s something you’re into this is how you can do this in Surfer in 3 steps: 

First: you type your keyword and thel ocation where you want to rank.

Then: customize auto-generated guidelines for
your content.This is scientific SEO taken to the whole new level.You choose pages from the tops you want to rank agains ,and then Surfer does the math for you!

It count the optimal word count ,number of structural elements like
paragraphs or headings and the list of relevant phrases who’ve their density.

  • Finally, there is step 3 which is obviously writing,but since you already have everything that you needs to rank high now it’s your job to turn the guidelines into something really,awesome.

As you see Surfer allows you to be really smart with your content, if you rely on it you may rank the same amount content for a few valuable, and that means that you get more organic traffic with the same amount of pages 

If you want to incorporate scientific SEO to a strategy you should definitely try Surfer!

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